Sammy Smelter
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Blue, brown, yellow

Eye Color



Smell Swell racer

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First Appearance

World of Cars (mentioned only)

"But his racing stinks!"
Lightning McQueen on Sammy Smelter's racing.

Smokin' Sammy Smelter is a race car who was given a sponsorship by Smell Swell. Lightning McQueen was fired and replaced by Smelter.[1]


Smelter is mentioned in World of Cars, in the story, And Now a Word From Our Sponsor. McQueen's sponsor informs him that he is being dropped in favor of a young hotshot named Sammy Smelter. Lightning protests, saying Smelter's racing stinks, but Smell Swell responds by saying that is precisely why they chose him - he fits Smell Swell's image better. Lightning McQueen was given a sponsorship by Rust-eze.



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