Sara safestreet desinclined and cropped
Sara Safestreet
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Red, white

Eye Color



State Farm Insurance agent

Series Information
First Appearance

2011 State Farm commercial



"That's why State Farm is here for you."
Tow Mater and Sara Safestreet, the State Farm Cars 2 advertisement

Sara Safestreet is a State Farm agent. In a State Farm and Cars 2 crossover advertisement released in 2011, Mater, Holley Shiftwell, and Finn McMissile are driving down the street, when Mater begins to drive backwards, but he carelessly crashes into Hans' Pet Boutique, letting all of Hans' animals loose. However, Sara quickly arrives and tells Mater that he cannot always be prepared for an accident; while she honks her horn, several State Farm pitties immediately begin cleaning up the mess. The pitties later fix Mater, which he says, "Now that's an undercover agent!", which makes Sara giggle at him.

Sara is painted red, with the State Farm logo on her doors and hood. She has chrome rims and red mirrors.



  • "You can't always be prepared!" - Cars 2 State Farm advertisement
  • "He-he-he!" - Cars 2 State Farm advertisement
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