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Shake 'n Go! is a toy die-cast line, manufactured by Fisher-Price, that has released several characters from Cars, Cars 2, Cars Toons and Planes. Toy Story, DC Super Friends, SpongeBob Squarepants, Thomas the Tank Engine and original Shake 'n Go! Cars were also made.



Cars 2

Cars Toons

Toy Story

  • Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Rex



Lightning McQueen (Original, Dinoco, Radiator Springs, Metallic Finish And Cactus Versions):

  • "Speed, I am Speed!"
  • "The Checkered Flag Is Mine!"

Bling Bling McQueen:

  • "Kachow, Ka-Kapow!"
  • "I Am Lightning McQueen!"

Tounge McQueen:

  • "I Am Faster Than Fast!"
  • "Boy, I Make This Look Easy!"

Mater (Original, And Young Mater Versions):

  • "Well, Dad Gum!"
  • "That Was Fuuuuun!"

Doc Hudson (Original And Fabulous Hudson Hornet Versions):

  • "Alright! We are back in Business!"
  • "You're gonna have to be fast."


  • "Boy, you're in a heap of trouble"
  • "You can not ruin the law!"

Ramone (Original, Yellow, Red, And Ghostlight Versions):

  • "Low and slow!"
  • "Hey, show me some respect, homes!"


  • "Attention! Kiss the pavement goodbye, gentlemen."
  • "About Face! Drop and give me 20 miles!"


  • (Siren Noises)
  • (Water Sprays)

Chick Hicks:

  • "A hundred percent chance of THUNDER!! KACHIGGA!!"
  • "Dinoco's all mine!

The King:

  • "You're one gutsy racer."
  • "You got a lot of talent, kiddo!"

Snot Rod:

  • "Achoo!"
  • "Achoo!"

Burnt Lightning McQueen:

  • "Here Comes 900 Horsepower!"
  • "I'm All Dragged Up, And Ready To Race!"

Resque Squad Mater:

  • Well Howdy, And Goodbye!
  • Look Out, Please Coming Through!

El Materdor:

  • "I Was A Famous Bulldozer Fighter"
  • "They Called Me, El Materdor"

Finn McMissile:

  • "Finn McMissile. British Intelligence."
  • "Thanks, Old Boy!"

Hot Rod Mater:

  • "Look out, ladies. Mater's fittin' to get funky!"
  • "What's going on?, Where are we?"

and more.

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