Smash Ups
Event Information

Rustbucket Derby


Rustbucket Stadium


Finish Hudson Student Run (1)
Finish Monster Truck Mayhem 2 (2)
Finish Match Up (3)


Gold trophy (1st place)
Silver trophy (2nd place)
Bronze trophy (3rd place)


Mater the Greater (1)
Off Road Race 1 (2)

Smash Ups are events in Cars: Race-O-Rama.

Smash Up 1


(Mater is playing in front of the Rustbucket Stadium when Bubba, Tater and Tater Jr. show up.)
Bubba: "What in tarnation are you doing?"
Mater: "Chasing my hook. Around here, you got to make your own fun."
Bubba: "Let me reintroduce ourselves. I'm Bubba. And these here boys are Tater and Tater Jr.. Say hello, boys."
Tater: "Hello, boys!"
Tater Jr. "Hello, boys!"
Bubba: "Ring a bell, Mater? A long time ago, we agreed to race in the Rustbucket Stadium for the towing rights to Radiator Springs."

Event Information

A three lap race in the Rustbucket Stadium, the player's opponents are Sarge, Fred, Tommy Joe, Lewis, Cletus, Zeke and Tater. On the PlayStation 2, the opponents are only Tommy Joe, Cletus and Zeke.

Smash Up 2


(Mater drives out of the Rustbucket Stadium as Bubba and the Taters come over.)
Bubba: "Mater!"
Mater: "Dad-gum!"
Bubba: "What? Did I scare you?"
Mater: "Me scared? Nah! The only thing that scares me is... Well, never mind. I was like talking about the Ghostlight, because it's about to shake the rust off your bumper, the dirt from your windshield, the holes from your carburetor!"
Bubba: "Are you done babbling now?"
Mater: "Yeah, I guess so."
Bubba: "Good. Then me and the Taters would like to..."
Mater: "Hey! I just thought of something! 'Tater' rhymes with 'Mater'!"
Tater: "Not only that, but 'Mater' rhymes with 'Tater' too!"
Mater: "Come on! Let's try to find some more stuff that rhymes with our names!"
(Mater, Tater and Tater Jr. drive away)
Bubba: "Those three couldn't spell I.Q. if they started from the I."

Event Information

In this race, the player plays as Mater in a three lap race around the Rustbucket Stadium, and the opponents are Zeke, Tater, and Tater Jr. on the PlayStation 2. On other consoles, Tommy Joe, Lewis, Sarge, and Fred are added. The player must place in first to get a gold trophy, second for silver, and third for bronze.

Smash Up 3

This is a three lap race around the Rustbucket Stadium as Mater. The player's opponents are Tater, Tater Jr., and Zeke on the PlayStation 2. On other consoles, Sarge, Fred, Tommy Joe and Lewis are added. The player must place in first to get a gold trophy, second for silver and third for bronze.


  • Smash Up 2 follows the track of Smash Up 1 in reverse. The sparkplugs are in the same places, though.
  • Although the other four cousins return in these events, Judd and Buford do not.
  • Although Sarge appears as an opponent in this event type and is playable in Circuit Races, he is not playable in Smash Ups.
  • Bubba's Bucket Bash follows the same path as Monster Truck Mayhem 2.
  • Smash Up 3 follows the same track layout as Monster Truck Mayhem 1 in reverse.
  • Smash Up 3 is the only Rustbucket Derby event in the game that is not a Gold Event.
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