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Not to be confused with the speedway.

Smasherville International Speedway is an event in Cars: The Video Game.

Event Information

There are 12 laps and 20 contestants, the leading five being Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks, Aikens, Riley and Joltsen. You will receive 10 trophies for placing first, 6 trophies for placing second or 4 trophies for placing third.


The track is a very small oval, with really high banked turns.


Part 1

"(Lightning McQueen drives up to Mack, who is with Doc Hudson)
Lightning McQueen: "C'mon, I'm ready. Let's go find Chick."
Doc Hudson: "Hey, save it for the track, son. Just get ready for what's coming."
Mack: "Yeah yeah, look, I'm okay now, Lightning. You got our stuff back, and-and Flo's been takin' good care of me. So c'mon, let's just have a nice, relaxing ride out to the stadium. Hey, we can even sing together." (sings) "Junebugs on the radiator, mosquitoes on the windshield, dun dun duh, doo-doo-dun-duh!"
(Long pause)
Doc Hudson: "This is it, this is for all the marbles. And don't let that stupid stuff with Chick screw up your head. Stay focused, you'll be fine."
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah, yeah, ok. Alright. Let's go win this thing.""
Cut-scene Part 1, [[{{{3}}}]]

Part 2

"(Later at the raceway. Chick Hicks drives up to Lightning in the pits.)
Lightning McQueen: "What's the matter, Thunder? Didn't expect to see me here?"
Chick Hicks: "What, miss the big race? You weren't thinkin' of pulling out, were you?"
Lightning McQueen: "You know what I'm talking about, Chick."
Chick Hicks: No idea, actually." (pauses) "Just looking forward to a friendly race with my good pal Lightning, that's all. It's all about sportsmanship, don't you think?" (to Joltsen) "Oh hey, how you doin' guy, didn't see ya - hey, best of luck to ya."
(Chick drives off to the track, Lightning follows him.)"
Cut-scene Part 2, [[{{{3}}}]]


"Darrell Cartrip: "Well, we're just moments away from the official announcement of tonight's winner... ...Lightning McQueen, and Chi --"
Chick Hicks: "Oh, listen to this..."
(Darrell stops next to Lightning and Chick having an argument.)
Chick Hicks: " got a lucky break and you know it!"
Lightning McQueen: "Hey listen, Chick, luck had nothing to do with it. I won, fair and square. You know, if you're gonna be a loser, why not be a graceful loser?"
Chick Hicks: (pauses, to the camera) "See?! Changing the subject, changing the subject - Subject changer! He doesn't want to admit that he can't pull that off again!"
Darrell Cartrip: "Hey-hey-hey, hold on, fellas, he did win the race, and we have the tapes to prove it."
Lightning McQueen: "I'll tell you what, Chick. I'll race you again."
Chick Hicks: (pauses) "Oh yeah, okay, good. How 'bout tomorrow night? How 'bout right here? How 'bout tomorrow night right here?!"
Darrell Cartrip: "This is incredible! Lightning versus Chick in an all-out grudge match!"
Lightning McQueen: "Actually, Darrell, I've got something better in mind. The Radiator Springs Grand Prix."
(Darrell and Chick are surprised.)
Lightning McQueen: "Three races. One in each part of Ornament Valley. And ending with one last Piston Cup race. Can we do that?"
Darrell Cartrip: "We can now. Unbelievable! This is gonna be a week of racing like nobody's ever seen! Chick! Do you accept Lightning's challenge?!"
Chick Hicks: "Yeah, of course I do!" (at camera) "Hey, and you all be sure to tune in to watch me, Chickster, number Eighty-Sixter... the Piston Cup Trophy - for real this time!""
End-scene, [[{{{3}}}]]

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