Speed Trap is an Activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives up to the billboard to find Sheriff sleeping.)
Lightning McQueen: "Pretty slow day, Sheriff?"
Sheriff: (snoring)
Lightning McQueen: (revs his engine)
Sheriff: (wakes up) "Wha?! There. Stop! In the name of the law! (realizes it's just McQueen) Oh, it's just you."
Lightning McQueen: (chuckles) "It is a nice day for a nap."
Sheriff: "I wasn't napping. I was just recharging the old batteries, getting myself ready to spring into action in case some young punk comes racing through town again."
Lightning McQueen: "I don't think that's gonna happen again anytime soon."
(DJ, Boost, Wingo and Snot Rod speed past.)
Lightning McQueen: "I stand corrected."
(Sheriff chases after DJ, Wingo, Boost and Snot Rod, turning his siren on.)
Sheriff: "Crazy hot rodders! I'll chase you all the way to the Interstate and out of Radiator Springs for good!"


Help catch those troublemaking hot rods! Better move quickly, or they'll get away!

You're faster than they are. Have a big head start.

Stay away from any obstacles on the road that might slow you down.

Legends Races

When one wins the event, the Legends Race secret for Chick Hicks is unlocked.

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