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'''Sputter Stop''' is an antifreeze mark with a relief feature. It's [[Murray Clutchburn]]'s and [[Sheldon Shifter]]'s
|name=Sputter Stop
sponsor for the Piston Cup.
|image = SSL.png
|type = Antifreeze Mark
|use = TBA
|first appearance = ''[[Cars]]''
|latest appearance = ''[[Cars 3]]''}}
'''Sputter Stop''' is an antifreeze mark with a relief feature. It is the sponsor of Team Sputter Stop in the [[Piston Cup Racing Series]], formerly sponsoring [[Murray Clutchburn]] and currently sponsoring [[Sheldon Shifter]] as their racers.
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
Murray Clutchburn.png|[[Murray Clutchburn]] (Cars 1).
Murray Clutchburn.png|Murray Clutchburn
MurrayCars3.png|[[Murray Clutchburn]] (Cars 3).
SputterStopNextGen.jpg|Sheldon Shifter
Shifter92.png|[[Sheldon Shifter]].
Sputter stop.jpg|The [[Sputter Stop Hauler]] (Cars 1).
Sputter stop.jpg|Sputter Stop Hauler
Murray's_New_Team.png|Murray's Pit Crew (Cars 3).
MurrayClutchburnCars3.jpg|Cars 3 Murray Clutchburn
Bandicam 2017-11-14 11-38-23-880.jpg|The Sputter Stop Hauler (Cars 3).
Murray C.JPG
sputterstop.jpg|Sheldon Shifter's Pit Crew.
bandicam 2017-11-04 13-26-40-163.jpg|Sheldon Shifter beside Cam Spinner and Steve LaPage.
Buford Lee Wilson.png|Sheldon's Diecast
Bandicam 2017-11-14 11-38-23-880.jpg|Murray's hauler in [[Cars 3]]
bandicam 2017-11-15 07-23-07-616.jpg|Murray's Team
Murray-0.jpg|[[Murray Clutchburn]] in a race
sputterteam.jpg|Sheldon's team
q1.jpg|Sheldon racing alongside unnamed Next-Gen [[Rev-N-Go]]
q2.jpg|Sheldon racing with [[Lightning McQueen]]
q4.jpg|[[Sheldon Shifter]]
q5.jpg|Sheldon racing with [[Cruz Ramirez]]
q6.jpg|Blurred view of Sheldon
q7.jpg|Sheldon in the crash
sputterstop.jpg|Sheldon and his team.
Murray's_New_Team.png|Murray's team in 2017
Murray's new pitty.png|Worried Murray's pitty in Sputter Stop tent
Murray's team in tent.png|Worried Murray's team in Sputter Stop tent
Sputter Stop.png|Sputter Stop racers artwork

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Sputter Stop
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Antifreeze Mark



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Latest appearance

Cars 3

Sputter Stop is an antifreeze mark with a relief feature. It is the sponsor of Team Sputter Stop in the Piston Cup Racing Series, formerly sponsoring Murray Clutchburn and currently sponsoring Sheldon Shifter as their racers.


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