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|name = Stadium Race #3
|name = Stadium Race #3
|type = Stadium Race
|type = Stadium Race
|unlocks = [[Team Relay 3|Team Relay #3]]
|unlocks = [[Team Relay 4|Team Relay #4]]
|required = Finish [[Canyon Run]] and all four Rustbucket Races
|required = Finish [[Canyon Run]] and all four Rustbucket Races
|reward = 1st place - 16 [[Bolt Banners]]
|reward = 1st place - 16 [[Bolt Banners]]
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|[[Team Relay|Team Relay #3]]
|[[Team Relay 3|Team Relay #3]]
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<gallery widths="155" position="center" bordersize="none" hideaddbutton="true" captionalign="center">

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Track preview SR 03 small
Stadium Race #3
Event Information

Stadium Race


In front of Lightning McQueen's Racing Headquarters


Finish Canyon Run and all four Rustbucket Races


1st place - 16 Bolt Banners


Team Relay #4

Stadium Race #3 is the third Stadium Race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

The track is relatively short. Racers start on a long straightaway, then take a right turn, followed by a left. After another right, a few more turns, and a straightaway, the racers return to the finish line.

In story mode, the player takes control of Lightning, and the opposing competitors include Gudmund, Otto, Giovanni, and Snot Rod.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 16 (1st place)
Unlocks Team Relay #3



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