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Stunt Mater was going to be an episode of Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales, but then it got canceled and was changed into Mater the Greater.


Mater goes to see Lightning McQueen, watching some TV. In the show he is watching, there is a police chase in a forest. Mater says he was in that movie, but Lightning doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, in the movie on the TV, there is a "Bridge Out" sign, and the speeder drives right through it and off a cliff. Mater pauses the movie, rewinds it, and plays it in slow motion. He then pauses right after the speeder crashes through the sign, and it is shown to be Mater. Mater says he was a Hollywood stuntman, pulls out a box of movies, and puts in some tapes showing some scenes in which he performed:

  • In a boxing scene similar to those in the Rocky films, there is a fight between a big boxer and a small boxer. Mater takes place in a part where he gets punched.
  • A car resembling Indiana Jones is in the forest. He is about to take a turn, but then a big tire comes his way, so he runs away from it. Mater takes place when the tire gets closer.
  • A car cruises down a snowy mountain on skis and spots a cliff, but he isn't able to stop in time, so he jumps off the cliff. Mater takes place when he jumps off the cliff.
  • In a ninja movie, a car is battling motorcycle ninjas. Mater takes place when a ninja hits his windshield.
  • A hummer, who looks a lot like Sven, is running away from an explosion, but he doesn't get out in time, so the explosion sends him into the air. Mater takes the hummer's place before being propelled into the air.

Lightning asks why Mater isn't doing this anymore, and Mater says it was because of computer animation and everything is done with computers these days.



  • In this episode, Mater doesn't include Lightning in his story.
  • In Polish, it named Kaskader filmowy.
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