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Team Relay #1
Event Information

Luigi and Guido's Team Relay


On the road between Radiator Springs Curios and Luigi's Casa Della Tires


Complete Radiator Springs Circuit


3 Bolt Banners (1st place)


North Willy's Butte (if Fillmore's Nature Preserve has also been completed)

Team Relay #1 is the first Team Relay event and second overall story event in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

Team Relay #1 follows the same path as the previous event, Radiator Springs Circuit, but instead of playing as one character throughout the whole event, the player will have three different cars, changing each lap. In story mode, the characters are Lightning, Doc, and Mater, and the opposing teams are Luigi, Giovanni, and Yuri and Barry, Mia and Tia.

In order to tag the next car, the player must drive directly behind them and drive into them. The player's next car is made clear by a large yellow arrow that points down at the vehicle. If the player misses the car, they will have their speed dropped to zero.


Stat Amount
Racers 9 (3 teams of 3)
Banners 3 (1st place)
Unlocks North Willy's Butte (if Fillmore's Nature Preserve has been completed)



  • The preview image for this event shows the track used for the Team Relay #4, despite this event not taking place on that course.
  • Like all the other Team Relays, the player cannot use alternate paint jobs in arcade mode.
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