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Track preview MG RELAY OV small.png
Team Relay #2
Event Information

Luigi and Guido's Team Relay


At the Ornament Valley Gas Station


Complete Ornament Valley Airport


4 Bolt Banners (1st place)


Rustbucket Grand Prix (if Inside the Turkey has also been completed)

Team Relay #2 is the second Luigi and Guido's Team Relay event in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

Team Relay #2 follows the same course as Ornament Valley Airport, but instead of playing as one character throughout the entire race, the player is given three cars and changes between them each lap. The player starts the race as Lightning and changes to Flo on the second lap, followed by Ramone on the third. A large yellow arrow denotes the player's next car.

The opposing teams include Fillmore, Sarge and Sheriff; and Gudmund, Barry and Sonny.


Stat Amount
Racers 9 (3 teams of 3)
Bolt Banners 4 (1st place)
Unlocks Rustbucket Grand Prix (if Inside the Turkey has been completed)


Like in Ornament Valley Airport, when the player first enters the building, they can take a sharp right to drive on an alternate path, that will take them above the normal track.



  • In the cutscene for Rustbucket Grand Prix, Lightning acts as though he has never seen Gudmund before, despite previously having raced him in this event.
  • Like Ornament Valley Airport, there is a glitch where if one of the opponents enters the RV park to the left of the finish line, they will be reset a whole lap ahead of the player.
  • This is the only Team Relay race in which Doc Hudson does not appear as one of the cars in the player's team.
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