The Official Magazine, previously titled The Fantastic World of Disney Pixar Cars, is a series of magazines. Each issue contains three comics, plus several other activities such as games and crafts. The series was available for many years in international countries, and was not launched in the US until January 2010.

From April 2013 onward, included with each issue is a silver racer provided by Mattel.


Contents page

This page often has different interesting themes. It can have a game or coloring activity.

Character (aka Hello!)

Page with information about some Cars characters.


Text games, board games etc. It has two to four games in one magazine usually.

Ads of some companies. It is localized for every country.


It has usually two to three comics in one magazine.

World of Cars (aka Models)

Page with information about real car models. It is localized for some countries (for example, in Russian edition here is GAZ and UAZ cars)


A big poster with character's artwork.

How to Draw

Information about how to draw Cars characters or logos.


Information about road signs. This page was only in early magazines. It is localized for some countries.

Answers to games (aka Look at this!)

Answers to the games from magazines in the end of them.


Page with some things to create. It can be models of buildings.

Card game rules

Rules for card game in the end of a magazine (in Cars 2 magazines, it is in the beginning).


Nine game cards in the end of magazines. They usually include one card with rules.


Despite being official, there are often mistakes.

March/April 2013



In Belarus, the magazine is spreading by "Roscherk" located in Belarus, Minsk.


The Polish edition was edited by Kinga Frydrych. The Egmont Polska publishing house is located in Poland, Warsaw. The DSK agency was responsible for the creation of TV commercials, and the media planned the MPG media house.


The Russian edition is edited by Natalya Preobrazhenskaya. The Egmont Russia Ltd. publishing house is located in Moscow, Russia. Magazines are printed in Poland. They are translated from English to Russian by Tatyana Shulikova. The page proof is done by Irina Dyomina. Commercials are posted by the Video International Press VI.


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