The Stig
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White, black


Top Gear race car



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Stig vs Lightning McQueen

The Stig is a Top Gear race car.


In Stig vs Lightning McQueen, the Stig experiences Lightning McQueen, Mater and Cruz Ramirez come to the Top Gear test track as part of their visit to the United Kingdom. McQueen, being a big fan of the Stig, is eager to do a race against him and Cruz, but the Stig just creates replicas of Europe's landmarks all around the track. Under Cruz's suggestion, they all race around the replicas, but before the Stig reaches the finish line, Mater tries tilting the Leaning Tower of Pisa replica the other way, only to result in the replica collapsing on top of the Stig. Mater does his best to put the Stig back together, but he only manages to make him shaped like a tow truck.

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The Stig is a car created from LEGO blocks based on a Koenigsegg Agera R. After he is destroyed and rebuilt by Mater, he is a Haulital Hook'em.



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