The World of Cars Online was an online computer game, previously available to play on the Disney Official Website.


Players can create an account, and then create a car - the player can choose their color, name it, and choose a racing number. Once their car has been created, they can go into the counties of Radiator Springs - the town itself, Ornament Valley and Redhood Valley, the entrance to Tailfin Pass. There the player can roam around while chatting with others, collecting coins, and roaming freely.

In race mode, the player can race with other people currently playing the game, or just practicing with the Radiator Springs townsfolk. Winning these will earn the player race trophies, which can be collected to move on to bigger races, if the player is a sponsored car.

If the player is sponsored, which costs five dollars a month, they now have access to tons of extra things - unlimited customization in Ramone's House of Body Art, access to bigger Piston Cup races, and to be a reserve driver for big shot race cars like Todd Marcus and Rusty Cornfuel.



  • In summer of 2011, the game was updated for Cars 2. Some of these updates included updating Lightning's paint job and removing Doc from the game, due to the death of Paul Newman, though he's mentioned and pictures of him are seen.


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