• Since you have continued to engage in questionable behaviour after being warned to improve your behaviour, you have been blocked from editing this wiki for three days. You may be allowed to request to have this block shortened or lifted, if you feel that the reasons for you being blocked are no longer necessary.

    The reasons for my decision to block you are because you were warned in the past not to engage in any disruptive activity. And although you seem to have stopped with the vandalism, you have engaged in other questionable activities, such as trying to convince the administrators to unblock a user, by claiming that the owner's account was hacked.

    I'm not sure whether or not that's true, but it isn't my concern, and it's not your concern either, because it's not your account that was blocked. In future, please do not get involved in business surrounding other blocked users. No one except administrators should be getting involved in matters regarding users that have been blocked, apart from the blocked users themselves.

    Lastly, if you see another user that's vandalising, it's best to alert an administrator, rather than trying to discourage them from vandalising. If you repeatedly try and persuade them to stop vandalising, it doesn't help. It only gives them a reaction which is exactly what the vandals want, and if users repeatedly ask them to stop, after they have made it clear that they aren't interested in stopping, they're only going to keep on going.

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    • I completely understand the points you have made and the reasons I have been blocked and will not continue to do these activites.

      However, I must say that I had no knowledge that I was not allowed to get involved in issues that should only allowed to be disscussed by administrators, as it does not state that anywhere in the World Of Cars Wiki: Rules and Guidelines page.

      But overall, I have learnt my mistake and will not procede to get involved matters that do not entirely concern me.

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    • May I request having my block shortened a little?

      I am now aware what I can and can't do and will not continue in this heinous crimes.

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    • I guess so. I have shortened it from 3 days to 1½ days.

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    • A FANDOM user
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