• Has anyone managed to get Strip Weathers to get 1st place in Los Angeles International Speedway in the Champion Level? Because I've been facing this problem since 2016 where I've never managed to get him to come 1st place, because I can never catch up to the leaders in time. In-fact, I'm unable to recall if I've ever gotten 1st place with Strip Weathers in Champion.

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    • Man, I actually managed to get in 1st place for a short time, and then this crazy lunatic just got in my way. It always happens like this. Crazy lunatics always get in my way at exactly the wrong moment. If I didn't know better, I'd say that the game was jinxed to prevent Strip Weathers from getting 1st place in Champion mode. Either that or my PC is outdated which is causing Strip Weathers to lag.

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