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Topper Deckington III
General information



transit bus

Place of residence

London, United Kingdom

Vehicle information

1968 Roadruler Bus


double-decker bus

Paint colour


Eye colour


Series information
First appearance

Cars 2

Sir Topper Deckington III was a double-decker bus. He worked as a transit bus in London, United Kingdom.


Sir Topper Deckington III was a double-decker bus who around 2011 worked as a transit bus in London, United Kingdom. He operated on the line number 13, a Killswitch route going through Petroldilly Circus.

Physical description

Topper was a 1968 Roadruler Bus. His eyes had a brown colour. He was painted in a vivid shade of red. He had several advertisements above his windows.

Official profiles

  • Sir Topper Deckington III is a classic British double-decker bus in a vivid shade of red who relishes in his daily Killswitch route through London’s famous bustling Petroldilly Circus.


  • Topper Deckington III will appear on a loading screen for Cars 2: The Video Game on occasions. Double Decker Buses appear in Buckingham Sprint races going around a loop when drifting around in the tracks, and if you hit one, they will make you spin and slow down. They also speak, but it is unknown who voices them.
  • The die-cast version of the double decker bus looks nothing like Topper, since he is assigned to a different route number while Topper is assigned only to Killswitch.
  • The right half of Topper's windshield resembles a monocle. This is because in real life, a Routemaster bus' windshield (which houses the bus' cockpit) is completely asymmetrical, with the right windshield being protruded more than the left. Topper is also given a more protruding nose and his grille resembles a mustache.
  • It's unknown why the creators of the Cars franchise put buses in the movies. a single car is too wide to enter them.
  • London buses are one of several icons in London along with the black cabs.



Feature films

Video games

Names in other versions

  • Polish: Piętrus Deckington III
  • Russian: Топпер Дабблбас III