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Not to be confused with the minigame in Cars: The Video Game, an activity that Lightning McQueen and Mater enjoy, the score from Cars, or a board game.
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Tractor Tipping (Cars: Mater-National Championship)
Event Information



Tow Mater Towing & Salvage


Finish Rustbucket Grand Prix or all Rustbucket races (Levels 1-3)
Complete all levels of Ghosting Mater (Levels 4-6)


21 total Bolt Banners


The next level (with the exceptions of Levels 3 and 6)

Tractor Tipping is a minigame in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


Tractor Tipping controls almost identically to the Tractor Tipping minigame from Cars: The Video Game, in which the player must tip all of the Tractors within the given time limit, while avoiding Frank and his searchlights. However, there are some new elements, such as the introduction of gravel, a grey substance that can anger Frank if the player drives too fast on it for an extended period of time.

Additionally, there are now signs and bridges that can be used to access other parts of the level. To raise or lower a bridge, the player must drive into its corresponding sign, which will either lower or raise the bridge, depending on what position the bridge is currently in.

In story mode, the first three levels will be unlocked after completion of either, Rustbucket Grand Prix or all Rustbucket races, and can be used to obtain additional Bolt Banners towards unlocking the next Stadium Race. However, the final three will not be unlocked until all seven levels of Ghosting Mater have been completed. All six levels are played as Mater in story mode, while Lightning is also available as an alternate choice in the arcade mode. Both characters have different horn sounds when tipping tractors.

In-game description

  • Tip all tractors and avoid the spotlights.
  • Don't make too much noise, sneak when you're on gravel to be quiet.
  • Watch out for Frank!


Level Tractors Time limit Bolt Banners acquired
Tractor Tipping #1
8 3:00 1
Tractor Tipping #2
7 3:30 2
Tractor Tipping #3
7 2:05 3
Tractor Tipping #4
11 3:30 4
Tractor Tipping #5
10 3:30 5
Tractor Tipping #6
8 4:00 6



  • Red can be seen in the background of Tractor Tipping #2, driving around outside of what appears to be a small residence.
  • In Tractor Tipping #6, the tractor on the bridge will levitate if the player pushes one of the signs next to it, regardless of whether or not it has been tipped.
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