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This article is about the minigame in Cars: The Video Game. For the game Mater invented, see Tractor Tipping. For the board game, see Tractor Tipping (board game). For the score, see Tractor Tipping (score). For the minigame in Cars: Mater-National Championship, see Tractor Tipping (Cars: Mater-National Championship).

Tractor Tipping is a minigame in Cars: The Video Game. It is based on a scene from Cars, in which Lightning McQueen and Mater go Tractor Tipping in Frank's field at night.


The goal of the game is to tip all Tractors within the given level, before time runs out. Tipping a tractor is accomplished by driving up to a tractor, and honking the car's horn. Additionally, players must avoid getting caught by Frank. Players will get caught if their Frank meter on the left side of the screen fills all the way up. The meter will increase if players spend time under searchlights, or if they get caught directly in Frank's headlights.

In-game description

  • Tip all tractors
  • Avoid the Searchlights.
  • Watch out for Frank!


Level Tractors Time limit Trophies Notes
1 7 3:00 1 The only level without searchlights
2 8 3:40 2 The first level with searchlights
3 7 3:00 2 The first level with bridges that you have to push into the ditches to get across. Also, the first level with static searchlights
4 7 3:20 2
5 6 4:00 3
6 13 4:05 3
7 8 2:05 4 In this level, the player must tip all tractors in a certain sequence.
8 10 3:35 4



  • Mater is wearing a different paint job in story mode in this level, which is not unlocked at the start of the game. However, he is still wearing his usual paint job in the cutscenes.
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