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Transcontinental Race of Champions (also known as TROC) is a league of races, hosted by WPG racers.


Racer Number Country
Francesco Bernoulli 1 Italy
Lewis Hamilton 2 United Kingdom/Grenada
Max Schnell 4 Germany
Miguel Camino 5 Spain
Raoul ÇaRoule 6 France
Shu Todoroki 7 Japan
Carla Veloso 8 Brazil
Nigel Gearsley 9 United Kingdom
Rip Clutchgoneski 10 Republic of New Rearendia
Vitaly Petrov 11 Russia
Mark Winterbottom 12


Long Ge 12 (or 9) China
Memo Rojas, Jr. 14 Mexico
Jan Nilsson 15 Sweden
Jeff Gorvette 24 United States of America
Lightning McQueen 95 United States of America


Ice Racers logo.

Name Place Host of the Race Miles of Race
Neon Race Tokyo, Japan Shu Todoroki
Ice Race Moscow, Russia Vitaly Petrov
Rally Race Alsace, France Raoul ÇaRoule
Carbon Race Nürburg, Germany Max Schnell
Silver Race Radiator Springs, United States Lightning McQueen
Carnival Cup Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Carla Veloso


[1]Ice Racers, with the 5 Super Chases! (C)Blu Toys Club Surprise


  • There is no racer with the numbers 3 or 13.
  • The numbers 9 and 12 are shared between two racers, creating an overlap.
  • There is a Rally TROC race hosted in the comics, hosted by Raoul. It is the only race that does not have any die-casts for it.
  • Originally the Silver Race was not apart of the TROC series. However, later on, it would be included. Technically, making it the first race of the series.
  • Fernando Alonso is the only WGP racer to not be apart of the TROC series.
    • This is probably due to copyright issues with Fernando himself