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September 21st

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United States

Hello there! I've been fan of Cars ever since I've watched the first film back in 2006! I have a pretty extensive knowledge about the films (with the exception of both Planes movies) and the universe as well! The series itself helped me get into cars and racing as too! Well...besides Cars 2 but that's not the point. I've also became a mod recently on this wiki so I'll do my best trying to keep it clean as possible! I'm back in school so editing will slow down, especially with the homework but I'll try to make sure things are inline on here as much as well.

My personal favorite movie out of the franchise will forever be Cars 1. While I don't really have a least favorite, I am really critical towards Cars 2 as I think it could've been way a better film with some of the cut content from it. Despite that it holds a small special place in my heart due to nostalgia. I'm also not really big on Planes: Fire & Rescue but only because I've seen it maybe 4 or 5 times so I don't have a strong opinion on it.

I made my account to make sure the wiki looks good grammatically. While I usually don't police it or try to be annoying about it either some of the articles feel like they where typed up by really young kids. Which might seem harsh considering that Cars is a franchise that kids eat up but c'mon at least make it look like the pages weren't typed up by 2nd graders. Currently I'm trying to revert most of the racers infoboxes and pages back to how they were before (present tense), which will take a bit.


  • I own all 3 Cars films on blu-ray and Planes on DVD.
    • However I do want to get both Planes movies on blu-ray for the extra content on them.
  • I have collected all the World Grand Prix racers and crew chiefs as well.
    • Though I will have to get the Team McQueen 5-pack to truly have all "crew chiefs" as I don't have Race Team Mater w/ headset.
    • The only team pitty I have from the WGP is Honk Cho.
  • I have rewrote Cars 2, twice. Once back in 2017/2018 and then again late 2020 and early 2021.
  • I do have plans on trying to get every Next-Gen racer at the very least cause I love the designs of them but I do want to get all the stock cars from Cars 1 and 3 and the racing Legends too.
  • I have been collecting the die-casts since 2006 however for a few years I stopped due to the lack of motivation and money. Though I have resumed collecting them.
  • I own The Art of Cars 2 book. Hopefully I can get The Art of Cars and Cars 3 along with The Art of Planes as well one day.
  • During Cars 2's die-cast line and after it I was only focused on the World Grand Prix racers and never gotten anyone related to the spy plot minus a few exceptions.
    • However I am going out my way to get some characters that I should've gotten back then like Finn, Holley, Rod and Miles.
  • My favorite and dream car of all time is the Chevrolet Corvette C6.