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Hello! My name is Brandon and I am a die hard Cars fan. 

Cars Die Cast Collection'

This is my Cars Die Cast collection. They are in chronological order. Not by favorites. 

Cars University

Cars University is a fan-made series based on the events that happen at The University of Ornament Valley, particularly around the School of Racing, which is administrated by Lightning McQueen. The boys are coached by Shu Todoroki and the girls are coached by Carla Veloso.


Josh Mustangburger (b. Septemeber 2012) is the main protagonist of the series. Imported from Detroit and holding a V-8 under his hood, Josh is one car who is always ready to rev and is always determined to win. Josh may not be one of the most popular cars on the racing team, but he still wants to be liked by all and his grandfather, Brent Mustangburger, understands. Josh is a red 2012 Ford Mustang GT and is portrayed by Nick Jonas. 

Delonte McChallenger (b. February 2012) is the deuteragonist of the series. Recruited from the US Military for his torgue and horsepower, Trayvon is confident and is not afraid to accept when challenged to a race. Trayvon is Josh's best friend and despite his immense agility and professional skills, Trayvon is also easy going and is willing to slow it down. Delonte is a black 2012 Dodge Challenger and is portrayed by YouTube personality, Brandon Walker.

Harrison Lamborghini (b. July 2010) is the main antagonist of the series. He is rather rude towards the male cars and thinks that exotics are better than muscles and tuners. Harrison cheats his way to the finish line, but it backfires on him alot. Harrison also likes to flirt with girls, but he often fails because he is either rude to the other boycars or only cares about himself. He is an yellow-orange 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and is portrayed by rapped Soulja Boy.


Darlene Infiniti (b. December 2013) is the tritagonist of the series. She is Josh's girlfriend and is a white luxury coupe with chrome fittings. Darlene is from a wealthy family and is the most popular girl in the school. While she does act a bit snotty and arrogant at times, she is always willing to help a friend in need. Darlene is a silver 2013 Infiniti G37S and is portrayed by Jasmine Villegas. 

Rosie Beetleson (b. July 2013) is a cute and free-spirited compact car, who is one of Darlene's friends. A cheerful and friendly little one by nature, she is always ready to do anything to make herself popular and be everyone's friend, something of which the larger cars are apt to take advantage of. Trayvon seems to be sweet on her. Rosie is a lime green 2013 Volkswagen New Beetle R-Line and is portrayed by Fifth Harmony's Allyson Brooke Hernandez.

Mercedes Benzington (b. March 2012) is another one of the good looking cars in the class. She is often hit on by the guys in the school, but bangs the loser cars to the curve, something which lead to a controvery with the Lemons. She often hangs around Darlene and loves to gossip, which can invaribly land Mercedes into trouble with her coach. Mercedes is a white 2012 Mercedes Benz CL65 and is portrayed by Emily Osment. 

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