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13 September, 1995


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Hello, my name is C.Syde65 (although I am sometimes referred to as C.Syde, Syde, or C.), and I am an editor on the World of Cars Wiki. I first watched the Cars film back in 2006 in the theaters. A few months later I was absolutely desperate to get a copy of the film on DVD, which I did so on Christmas day, that year.

In 2008, I got the chance to play the video game on PC, although I had previously played it on PS2. I was absolutely crazy to get the video game. I got the Cars: Mater-National game for Christmas in 2008, and I got Cars: The Video Game in early 2009.

I am an experienced player of the Cars Video Game, and to a slightly lesser extent, Mater-National. You may see me make some edits here every now and again, but I'm mostly active on the Sims Wiki as an administrator, and featured editor.

I am also a member of the Community Council team on Wikia. I was invited to join the group on the 31st March 2017, which I joined on the 10th April 2017. But I won't get into too much of that here since it's just a product testing and feedback group which doesn't give me any additional tools or authorities on local wikis.

Some of the other wikis and external sites that I've significantly contributed to:

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Some of my favourite characters are

I have other favourite characters that I will be adding to the list. Just taking the time to decide which characters are worthy to add to the list.

Cars Franchise that I have

One of my funny quirks with playing the Cars: Video Game

One of my funny quirks with playing the Cars: Video Game is my fixation of the speed the individual cars controlled by the computer race at. I often like to make the faster cars crash, if there's a slower car that I particularly like, and thus express sympathy for, I will try to help them get a better placing than they otherwise would have got. For example, I have repeatedly tried to get Mexican racer Papo to achieve a 1st place in story mode, only to fail each time. I've managed to get Papo to win 1st place, but only in arcade mode. I've managed to get El Guapo to win 1st place in Radiator Cap Circuit which is much easier since he's the second fastest of the computers in that race. To get McCoy a placing in the top four was another massive nightmare. Despite the exhaustive side effects that made my job a lot harder, I managed to get McCoy in the top four. I would have tried this a lot sooner, but I just never knew it was even possible to get McCoy in the top five, let alone the top four.

Proof - Papo gets second place in Story Mode.png Proof - McCoy gets third place in Story Mode.PNG

Related External Projects

Aside from contributing to this wiki, I am also working on a few pages on my wiki which are related to the Cars series/franchise. A couple of these projects are even working towards adding some more information here on this wiki, not counting the information which is fan made.


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