Jackson Storm


Race team

"Jackson Storm is part of the next generation of high-tech Racers"- get ready for the new world of racing Cars fans


I love racing and enjoy being the new hotshot rookie. We'll see if it's me our McQueen who wins in the end. I'm ready for a race any day and I'm sure to win

Why I chose Storm

Now I know what your thinking picking a jerk like him for my avatar ,but let me explain first. I chose Storm because of his attitude and Mcqueens attitude when he was a rookie too. They both were very confindent and arrogant and like Jackson , I am the

head of the next generation being the oldest and knowing everyone. Let's hope this rookie learns as well to become a racer with skill and speed instead of just speed.

Racing Buddies

My friends in racing are extrem talented and are the best of the best at racing. They are chill to hang with and are always up for a talk. I'm still meeting new people ,but I have 2 good friends so far.

  • Cal Weathers
  • Long Ge
  • BricK Yardley
  • Chase Racelott
  • Daniel Swervez
  • Ryan Laney
  • Dale
  • Reb Meeker

They both have won a piston Cup at some point. I hope a can win a piston Cup at some point.

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My favorite pages

  • Jackson Storm
  • Strip Weathers
  • Lightning McQueen
  • IGNTR Hauler
  • Florida 500
  • Smokey
  • Doc Hudson
  • Chase Racelott
  • Mack
  • Cal Weathers
  • Strip Weathers
  • Lighting McQueen
  • Piston Cup racers
  • Cars
  • Cars 3
  • Daniel Swervez
  • Bobby Swift
  • World Grand Prix
  • Crew Chiefs
  • Jimmy Cables
  • Mac iCar


  • Ray Reverham(Crew Chief)
  • Gale Beaufort( Hauler
  • Bob(Pity #1)
  • Steve(Pity #2)

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Jackson Storm

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