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Everett Chapcaris a young racer who's ascending the Piston Cup ladder against all odds. He is focused, eager to learn, and set on pushing himself to overcome obstacles both on and off the track. Road is new to the racing scene but is a quick learner who strives to be the very best. He came in halfway through the racing season to take the place of Liam Rubbock. He is beloved by family and fans for being passionate, kind, and exciting on the track. He represents the next wave of young athletes who focus talent, speed, and precision. Rocket is a champion of diversity, believing that all race cars deserve a lane on the track. Like his fellow rookies, Rocket knows how to push toward the front by combining his skills, track smarts, and top-of-the-line technology.

Piston Cup Racers


Legends are old veterans who competed in the 20th century along with Doc Hudson in Cars 3.

Stock Cars (2005)

Champions (2005) are stock cars who competed in the Dinoco 400 at the Motor Speedway of the South and a huge crash caused by #86 HtB racer, Chick Hicks on purpose to keep #95 Rust-eze racer, Lightning McQueen form catching the lead.


Stock Cars (2006)

The stock racers of 2006.

Stock Cars (2016)



The "Next-Generation" racers appear to be more advanced than older racers.


Other Competitions

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World Grand Prix

Crazy Eight

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