aka Danny

  • I live in San Diego CA USA
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male
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== Self-introduction ==
{{Infobox Person|name = Danesty Lewis|full name = Danesty Lewis|birthday = August 30|occupation = WGP Racer|image =LongGe.png }}
=== Introduction ===
Greetings!This is Danesty Lewis /dænisti luis/, and you all can call me Dany.A big fan of Cars and Planes franchise.I'm a university student aged 18 (2017.8.30 is my 18th birthday).
=== The definition of my name ===
This is my name used on the internet,not my real name!My first name is "Danesty",which is a mixture of Dusty and plane.It means a plane called Dusty, who is my favorite character in ''Planes ''series''.''My last name is Lewis referring to my original Chinese last name "Liu(刘)".
=== My avatar and picture<nowiki/> ===
My avatar is Lightning McQueen because he's my first favorite character. I choose Long Ge as my picture mainly because he has the same nationality. Just as [ Cal Weathers] recommends, he's the most suitable character for me.
==My favorite movie characters<nowiki/>==
My favorite characters are Lightning McQueen (Cars) and Dusty Crophopper (Planes) .
== How I know about Cars ==
In February , 2014,my little cousin invited me to his room to see the movie Cars 2 (because he loves race cars). At first sight of it, it occurred to me that I watched the first Cars movie in my childhood. So I decided to watch the first movie again. What made me feel unbelievable is that I absolutely fell in love with this movie! What impresses me most is Lightning McQueen. I have to admit that there are lots of stuff I should learn from him. He's so handsome and cute!Now, I have many Cars characters collections in my bedroom.
In April, 2014, I discovered a movie which is very similar with Cars by coincidence. Yes, as you can guess, it’s Planes. But I thought it not good enough and made by Pixar at first. Before long, I found that it’s made by DisneyToon Studio. When watching the movie, I thought that it was great! Dusty is cute and handsome, too. I’m similar with the main character Dusty Crophopper, and then I had my own great dream and made efforts to achieve my goals. He inspires me a lot, and I really achieve a lot of things in reality! These are my main reasons why I love the movies.
——Memory written in 2014
== My goal ==
* Nothing different from an American speaker. I'm on the way to the ultimate goal,to adapt well to a new world!
* Make more friends on wiki.More friends,more power.
== My real life ==
=== Songs ===
I love English songs very much and I am a fan of Charlie Puth and Taylor Swift.There are more than 100 English songs in my playlist and I've listened to more than 1000 English songs.
My favorite songs :(No update,please DM me if you want to know about it)
Charlie Puth:See you again ; We don't talk anymore ; Attention ; One call away ; Some type of love ; River ; Through the fire ; Marvin Gaye ;Does it feel ; Dangerously
Taylor Swift:We are never ever getting back together ; I knew you were trouble ; Red ; Blank space ; Sparks fly ; You belong with me ; Back to December ; Welcome to New York ; Shake it off ; Wildest dreams ; Bad blood ; Speak now ;Begin again ;enchanted
Alan Walker:Faded
Justin Bieber:Baby ; As long as you love me ; let me love you
Bruno Mars:Uptown funk ; 24K magic ; Marry you
Flo Rida:Whistle
Michael Jackson:Beat it ; We are the world ; Heal the world ; You are not alone ; Billie Jean
Asher Book:Here with you
Shawn Mendes:Stitches
Chris Medina:What are words
Adam Lambert:Mad world ; Whataya want from me
Darin:Be what you wanna be
Carly Rae Jepsen:Good time
Adele:Some one like you ; Rolling in the deep ; Hello
Avril Lavigne:Innocence ;Everybody hurts
Lady Gaga:Poker face
Kelly Clarkson:Because of you; Stronger
Katy Perry:Roar ; Rise
Sia:To be human
Ellie Goulding:Love me like you do
Ariana Grande:Beauty and beast
P!nk:Just give me a reason ; Just like fire
Mariah Carey:Bye bye
Rachel Platten:Fight song ; beating me up
Alessia Cara:How far I'll go ; Stay
Delacey:Dream it possible
Marmoon 5 :Maps ; Sugar
The chainsmokers:Something just like this ; Closer
Linkin Park:Numb ; Heavy ; Battle symphony ; In the end
Fall out boy:Immortals
Owl city:Good time ; The saltwater room
One republic:Apologize ; Counting stars
One direction:Drag me down
Imagine dragons:Demons
Westlife:My love ; nothing's gonna change my love for you ; You raise me up
Groove coverage:God is a girl
Fifth Harmony:Worth it
Carpenters:Yesterday once more
M2M:Pretty boy ;The day you went away
Cars:Find yourself ; Real gone ; Life is a highway ;Route 66 ; Our town
Cars 2:Collision of worlds ; You might think
Cars 3:Kings highway
Planes:Nothing can stop me now ; Fly ; You don't stop NYC
Planes Fire and Rescue:Still I fly ;All in ; Runway Romance
Rio:Real in Rio ; Hot wings
Rio 2:What is love ; Rio Rio
Kung Fu Panda:Kung Fu fighting ; Try (Sung by Jay Zhou 周杰伦 and Patrick Brasca 派伟俊)
Zootopia:Try everything
Frozen:Let it go
Moana:How far I'll go
Alvin and the chipmunks:Home ;Bad romance ;Uptown funk
Fast and furious:See you again ; Ride out ; Go off ; Good life
Wonder woman:To be human
=== Food ===
American style.I could use fork,spoon and knife at about 5,shortly after I learned how to use chopsticks.My favorite food is steak.In addition,I love mashed potatoes,pizza,spaghetti and pork chop ,chicken and soup.
=== Entertainment ===
Contacting friends on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.Watching YouTube.__NEWSECTIONLINK__

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