aka Danny

  • I live in San Diego CA USA
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male


Danesty Lewis
Person Information
Full name

Danesty Lewis


August 30

Cars-related occupation

WGP Racer


Greetings!This is Danesty Lewis /dænisti luis/, and you all can call me Dany.A big fan of Cars and Planes franchise.I'm a university student aged 18 (2017.8.30 is my 18th birthday).

The definition of my name

This is my name used on the internet,not my real name!My first name is "Danesty",which is a mixture of Dusty and plane.It means a plane called Dusty, who is my favorite character in Planes series.My last name is Lewis referring to my original Chinese last name "Liu(刘)".

My avatar and picture

My avatar is Lightning McQueen because he's my first favorite character. I choose Long Ge as my picture mainly because he has the same nationality. Just as Cal Weathers recommends, he's the most suitable character for me.

My favorite movie characters

My favorite characters are Lightning McQueen (Cars) and Dusty Crophopper (Planes) .

How I know about Cars

In February , 2014,my little cousin invited me to his room to see the movie Cars 2 (because he loves race cars). At first sight of it, it occurred to me that I watched the first Cars movie in my childhood. So I decided to watch the first movie again. What made me feel unbelievable is that I absolutely fell in love with this movie! What impresses me most is Lightning McQueen. I have to admit that there are lots of stuff I should learn from him. He's so handsome and cute!Now, I have many Cars characters collections in my bedroom.

In April, 2014, I discovered a movie which is very similar with Cars by coincidence. Yes, as you can guess, it’s Planes. But I thought it not good enough and made by Pixar at first. Before long, I found that it’s made by DisneyToon Studio. When watching the movie, I thought that it was great! Dusty is cute and handsome, too. I’m similar with the main character Dusty Crophopper, and then I had my own great dream and made efforts to achieve my goals. He inspires me a lot, and I really achieve a lot of things in reality! These are my main reasons why I love the movies.

——Memory written in 2014

My goal

  • Nothing different from an American speaker. I'm on the way to the ultimate goal,to adapt well to a new world!
  • Make more friends on wiki.More friends,more power.

My real life


I love English songs very much and I am a fan of Charlie Puth and Taylor Swift.There are more than 100 English songs in my playlist and I've listened to more than 1000 English songs.

My favorite songs :(No update,please DM me if you want to know about it)

Charlie Puth:See you again ; We don't talk anymore ; Attention ; One call away ; Some type of love ; River ; Through the fire ; Marvin Gaye ;Does it feel ; Dangerously

Taylor Swift:We are never ever getting back together ; I knew you were trouble ; Red ; Blank space ; Sparks fly ; You belong with me ; Back to December ; Welcome to New York ; Shake it off ; Wildest dreams ; Bad blood ; Speak now ;Begin again ;enchanted

Alan Walker:Faded

Justin Bieber:Baby ; As long as you love me ; let me love you

Bruno Mars:Uptown funk ; 24K magic ; Marry you

Flo Rida:Whistle

Michael Jackson:Beat it ; We are the world ; Heal the world ; You are not alone ; Billie Jean

Asher Book:Here with you

Shawn Mendes:Stitches

Chris Medina:What are words

Adam Lambert:Mad world ; Whataya want from me

Darin:Be what you wanna be

Carly Rae Jepsen:Good time

Adele:Some one like you ; Rolling in the deep ; Hello

Avril Lavigne:Innocence ;Everybody hurts

Lady Gaga:Poker face

Kelly Clarkson:Because of you; Stronger

Katy Perry:Roar ; Rise

Sia:To be human

Ellie Goulding:Love me like you do

Ariana Grande:Beauty and beast

P!nk:Just give me a reason ; Just like fire

Mariah Carey:Bye bye

Rachel Platten:Fight song ; beating me up

Alessia Cara:How far I'll go ; Stay

Delacey:Dream it possible

Marmoon 5 :Maps ; Sugar

The chainsmokers:Something just like this ; Closer

Linkin Park:Numb ; Heavy ; Battle symphony ; In the end

Fall out boy:Immortals

Owl city:Good time ; The saltwater room

One republic:Apologize ; Counting stars

One direction:Drag me down

Imagine dragons:Demons

Westlife:My love ; nothing's gonna change my love for you ; You raise me up

Groove coverage:God is a girl

Fifth Harmony:Worth it

Carpenters:Yesterday once more

M2M:Pretty boy ;The day you went away


Cars:Find yourself ; Real gone ; Life is a highway ;Route 66 ; Our town

Cars 2:Collision of worlds ; You might think

Cars 3:Kings highway

Planes:Nothing can stop me now ; Fly ; You don't stop NYC

Planes Fire and Rescue:Still I fly ;All in ; Runway Romance

Rio:Real in Rio ; Hot wings

Rio 2:What is love ; Rio Rio

Kung Fu Panda:Kung Fu fighting ; Try (Sung by Jay Zhou 周杰伦 and Patrick Brasca 派伟俊)

Zootopia:Try everything

Frozen:Let it go

Moana:How far I'll go

Alvin and the chipmunks:Home ;Bad romance ;Uptown funk

Fast and furious:See you again ; Ride out ; Go off ; Good life

Wonder woman:To be human


American style.I could use fork,spoon and knife at about 5,shortly after I learned how to use chopsticks.My favorite food is steak.In addition,I love mashed potatoes,pizza,spaghetti and pork chop ,chicken and soup.


Contacting friends on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.Watching YouTube.

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