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March 26


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United Kingdom

Hello there!

My name is Paynecars. I'm a modder of all Cars video-games, and i have a decent knowledge of it.

My favourite characters are Lightning McQueen from Cars, Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, and Star-Lord from MARVEL. I find my personality to be a mixture of personalities of these 3 characters!

I am also very interested in Cars universe. That's why i'm here, actually. I LOVE Cars!

I'm also a huge fan of SalQueen :)

I have a YouTube channel, called Paynecars. Here you can see various Cars video-games mods videos and other interesting stuff!

I'll try to make improvements on this wiki as much as i can, and if you have questions - just ask me right away! - My old account, which i deleted.

Administators - don't ban me. This is not a fake page of me. I can prove it.

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