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aka Vitaly

  • I live in Moscow, Russia
  • I was born on March 26
  • My occupation is Student (Installation of refrigeration equipment), future Sega Animation writer
  • I am Male


Cars: Lightning McQueen Adventure

Playable characters


  • Carburetor Canyon
  • Radiator Springs
  • Ornament Valley
  • Rust Bucket
  • Tailfin Pass
  • Los Angeles Speedway
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Tower
  • Paris
  • Carsoli
  • Porto Corsa
  • Tokyo
  • Pipeline
  • Oil Rig
  • Space Road
  • End of the World (only in last episode)

Cars Teamwork

Playable characters

Non-playable characters


  • Route 66 Road
  • Route 66 Circuit
  • New York City
  • New York Street
  • Las Vegas County
  • Las Vegas Casino
  • Texas Canyon
  • Texas Country
  • Montana Forest
  • Montana Hill
  • New Mexico Haunt
  • New Mexico Castle
  • Los Angeles Speedway
  • Los Angeles Base


  • Route 66 Circuit: Z Airplane
  • New York Street: Team Battle (Team 95 vs. Team Rose, Team Rivals vs. Team Agents)
  • Las Vegan Casino: Lemon Assault
  • Texas Country: Z Airship
  • Montana Hill: Team Battle 2 (Team 95 vs. Team Rivals, Team Rose vs. Team Agents)
  • New Mexico Castle: Lemon Battle
  • Los Angeles Base: Z Emperor
  • Last Boss (Part 1): Ultimate Boost
  • Last Boss (Part 2): Next-Gen Ultimate Boost

Cars War (film)



Bosses (de-facto)

  • Oil Rig: Miss Fritter (as Lightning McQueen)
  • Thomasville: Terminator (phase 1) (as Lightning McQueen)
  • Radiator Springs: Professor Zündapp (as Rust-eze Lightning McQueen)
  • Porto Corsa: Terminator (phase 2) (as Custom Hero)
  • Route 66: Boost (as Lightning McQueen/Custom Hero)
  • Z and Terminator Fortress: Terminator (phase 3) (as Lightning McQueen/Custom Hero)
  • Z and Terminator Fortress: Z Monster Truck (as Rust-eze Lightning McQueen/Custom Hero/Lightning McQueen)

Voice Cast

Cars War (mobile game)

Playable Characters


Cars Team Grand Prix

Playable Characters

Non-playable characters



  • Race
  • Battle Race
  • Grand Prix Race
  • Grand Prix Battle Race
  • Survival Race
  • Survival Battle Race
  • Daredevil
  • Lightning Bolt Challenge
  • Traffic Attack
  • Takedown
  • Stunt Showcase

Moves and techniques

  • Gas/Brake
  • Jump
  • Drift
  • Boost
  • Start Line Boost
  • Team Super Boost (new)
    • Skim Boost (new)
    • Back Riding
    • Tilt
    • Battering Ram
    • Item Transfer (new)
    • Air Stunts
    • Slingshot (new)

Story Mode

Chapter 1

  1. Race: Track Challenge
  2. Battle Race: Ornament Valley Airport
  3. Grand Prix Race:
    1. Radiator Springs Grand Rrix
    2. Student Run
    3. Track Challenge
    4. Willy's Butte
  4. Surival Battle Race: Reunion Circuit
  5. Daredevil: Vista Run
  6. Lightning Bolt Challenge: Willy's Butte

Chapter 2

  1. Race: Ornament Valley Airport
  2. Lightning Bolt Challenge: Track Challenge
  3. Grand Prix Battle Race:
    1. Tailfin Pass Speedway
    2. Student Run
    3. Underwater Tunnel Challenge
    4. Reunion Circuit
  4. Survival Race: Willy's Butte
  5. Battle Race: Canyon Cruise
  6. Lightning Bolt Challenge: Radiator Springs Grand Prix

Chapter 3

  1. Race: Wheel Well Road
  2. Battle Race: Runway Tour
  3. Lightning Bolt Challenge: Abandoned Mine
  4. Grand Prix Race:
    1. Prison Tower
    2. Student Run
    3. Tokyo Tower
    4. Willy's Butte
  5. Survival Battle Race: Wheel Well Road
  6. Traffic Attack: Ornament Valley Airport

Chapter 4

  1. Takedown: Racing Center Road
  2. Race: Underwater Tunnel Challenge
  3. Takedown: Wheel Well Road
  4. Grand Prix Battle Race:
    1. Buckingham Sprint
    2. Reunion Circuit
    3. Prison Tower
    4. Sand Coast
  5. Survival Race: Hyde Tour
  6. Race: Buckingham Sprint

Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10



  1. Main Theme
  2. System: Title Screen (Remix of Radiator Springs Theme)
  3. System: Select (Remix of main theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  4. Track Challenge: Intro & Lap Music
  5. Track Challenge: Final Lap
  6. Track Challenge: Goal
  7. Student Run: Intro
  8. Student Run: Lap Music
  9. Student Run: Final Lap
  10. Student Run: Goal
  11. Reunion Circuit: Intro
  12. Reunion Circuit: Lap Music
  13. Reunion Circuit: Final Lap
  14. Reunion Circuit: Goal
  15. System: Main Menu (Remix of Lil' Darlin)
  16. System: Loading
  17. Radiator Springs Grand Prix: Intro
  18. Radiator Springs Grand Prix: Lap Music (Remix of Rooster Tails)
  19. Radiator Springs Grand Prix: Final Lap (Remix of Kickin' Up Dust)
  20. Radiator Springs Grand Prix: Goal
  21. Wille's Butte: Intro
  22. Wille's Butte: Lap Music
  23. Wille's Butte: Final Lap
  24. Wille's Butte: Goal
  25. Ornament Valley Airport: Intro
  26. Ornament Valley Airport: Lap Music (Remix of Stone Crows)
  27. Ornament Valley Airport: Final Lap
  28. Ornament Valley Airport: Goal
  29. Tailfin Pass Speedway: Intro
  30. Tailfin Pass Speedway: Lap Music (Remix of Rock This Town and partially Lightning Strike)
  31. Tailfin Pass Speedway: Final Lap
  32. Tailfin Pass Speedway: Goal
  33. Wheel Well Road: Intro
  34. Wheel Well Road: Lap Music (Remix of Americans from Cars: Mater-National Championship)
  35. Wheel Well Road: Final Lap
  36. Wheel Well Road: Goal
  37. Abandoned Mine: Intro
  38. Abandoned Mine: Lap Music (Remix of 5 Star Day from Cars: Mater-National Championship)
  39. Abandoned Mine: Final Lap
  40. Abandoned Mine: Goal
  41. System: Mod Pods (Remix of Night Drive)
  42. System: Result Screen (Remix of Slidin' Home)
  43. Main Theme (Opening Theme)
  44. System: Options
  45. System: Online Multiplayer
  46. System: Tips
  47. System: Player Stats


  1. Rust-eze Racing Center
  2. Sand Coast: Intro
  3. Sand Coast: Lap Music (Remix of Fireball Beach Sprint and Backwoods Rally Race Theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  4. Sand Coast: Final Lap
  5. Sand Coast: Goal
  6. Underwater Tunnel Challenge: Intro
  7. Underwater Tunnel Challenge: Lap Music
  8. Underwater Tunnel Challenge: Final Lap
  9. Underwater Tunnel Challenge: Goal
  10. Racing Center Road: Intro
  11. Racing Center Road: Lap Music
  12. Racing Center Road: Final Lap
  13. Racing Center Road: Goal
  14. Canyon Cruise: Intro
  15. Canyon Cruise: Lap Music (Remix of Autovia Race theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  16. Canyon Cruise: Final Lap
  17. Canyon Cruise: Goal
  18. Autovia Town: Intro
  19. Autovia Town: Lap Music
  20. Autovia Town: Final Lap
  21. Autovia Town: Goal
  22. MotorCo Match: Intro
  23. MotorCo Match: Lap Music (Remix of Dustbowl Race theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  24. MotorCo Match: Final Lap
  25. MotorCo Match: Goal
  26. Vista Run: Intro
  27. Vista Run: Lap Music (Remix of Tokyo race theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  28. Vista Run: Final Lap
  29. Vista Run: Goal
  30. Tokyo Tower: Intro
  31. Tokyo Tower: Lap Music (Remix of Tokyo Mater theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  32. Tokyo Tower: Final Lap
  33. Tokyo Tower: Goal
  34. Runway Tour: Intro
  35. Runway Tour: Lap Music (Remix of Airport race theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  36. Runway Tour: Final Lap
  37. Runway Tour: Goal
  38. Buckingham Sprint: Intro
  39. Buckingham Sprint: Lap Music (Remix of London Race theme from Cars 2: The Video Game)
  40. Buckingham Sprint: Final Lap
  41. Buckingham Sprint: Goal
  42. Prison Tower Sprint: Intro
  43. Prison Tower Sprint: Lap Music (Remix of tutorial theme Cars 2: The Video Game)
  44. Prison Tower Sprint: Final Lap
  45. Prison Tower Sprint: Goal
  46. Hyde Tour: Intro
  47. Hyde Tour: Lap Music
  48. Hyde Tour: Final Lap
  49. Hyde Tour: Goal
  50. Cutscene: Peaceful
  51. Cutscene: Pre Race
  52. Cutscene: Comical
  53. Cutscene: Threatening
  54. Cutscene: Meeting Team 95
  55. Cutscene: Meeting Team Rose
  56. Cutscene: Meeting Team Smokey
  57. Cutscene: Meeting Team Sheriff
  58. Cutscene: Meeting Team Rivals
  59. Cutscene: Meeting Team Boost
  60. Cutscene: Meeting Team Agents
  61. Cutscene: Meeting Team Thunder
  62. Cutscene: Meeting Team Junior
  63. Cutscene: Emergency
  64. Cutscene: Zundapp's Dread


  1. Main Theme (Ending Theme)
  2. Crazy Eight Circuit: Intro
  3. Crazy Eight Circuit: Lap Music (Remix of Tow Blues from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  4. Crazy Eight Circuit: Final Lap
  5. Crazy Eight Circuit: Goal
  6. Desert Tour: Intro
  7. Desert Tour: Lap Music (Remix of Monster Stomp)
  8. Desert Tour: Final Lap
  9. Desert Tour: Goal
  10. Thunder Night: Intro
  11. Thunder Night: Lap Music
  12. Thunder Night: Final Lap
  13. Thunder Night: Goal
  14. Porto Corsa Course: Intro
  15. Porto Corsa Course: Lap Music (Remix of Italy race theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  16. Porto Corsa Course: Final Lap
  17. Porto Corsa Course: Goal
  18. Casino Tour: Intro
  19. Casino Tour: Lap Music
  20. Casino Tour: Final Lap
  21. Casino Tour: Goal
  22. Bay Sprint: Intro
  23. Bay Sprint: Lap Music
  24. Bay Sprint: Final Lap
  25. Bay Sprint: Goal
  26. Pipeline Sprint: Intro
  27. Pipeline Sprint: Lap Music (Remix of Oil Rig race theme from Cars 2: The Video Game)
  28. Pipeline Sprint: Final Lap
  29. Pipeline Sprint: Goal
  30. Rig Circuit: Intro
  31. Rig Circuit: Lap Music (Remix of unknown race theme from Cars 2: The Video Game and partially High Speed Heist)
  32. Rig Circuit: Final Lap
  33. Rig Circuit: Goal
  34. Final Ocean Showdown: Intro
  35. Final Ocean Showdown: Lap Music
  36. Final Ocean Showdown: Final Lap
  37. Final Ocean Showdown: Goal
  38. Team Super Speed: Lightning McQueen (Remix of Lightning Strike)
  39. Team Super Speed: Mater (Remix of One More Chicken)
  40. Team Super Speed: Cruz Ramirez (Remix of Fireball Beach Sprint/Backwoods Rally from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  41. Team Super Speed: Sally Carrera (Remix of Free Ride)
  42. Team Super Speed: Flo (Remix of Best Looking Guy in Town)
  43. Team Super Speed: Ramone (Remix of C'mon Let's Go)
  44. Team Super Speed: Luigi (Remix of Italia)
  45. Team Super Speed: Guido (Remix of Guido Kart theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  46. Team Super Speed: Smokey (Remix of Thomasville Flashback race theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  47. Team Super Speed: Sheriff (Remix of Here Comes Sheriff)
  48. Team Super Speed: Sarge (Remix of Sarge's March)
  49. Team Super Speed: Fillmore (Remix of Here I Am)
  50. Team Super Speed: Chick Hicks (Remix of Radiator Springs Speedway race theme from Cars: Race-O-Rama)
  51. Team Super Speed: Francesco Bernoulli (Remix of Italy race theme from Cars 2: The Video Game)
  52. Team Super Speed: Jackson Storm (Remix of Florida International Speedway race theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  53. Team Super Speed: Boost, DJ, Wingo (Remix of High Speed Heist)
  54. Team Super Speed: Finn McMissile, Holley Shiftwell, Tomber (Remix of main menu theme from Cars 2: The Video Game)
  55. Team Super Speed: Arvy Motorhome, Dr. Damage, Miss Fritter (Remix of Thunder Hollow Back Country Rally/Destruction Derby theme from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  56. Team Super Speed: Louise Nash, River Scott, Junior Moon (Remix of Thomasville Flashback Speedway from Cars 3: Driven to Win)
  57. Team Super Speed: Acer, Professor Zündapp, Grem (Remix of Oil Rig hunter theme from Cars 2: The Video Game)
  58. World Map: Radiator Springs Speedway
  59. World Map: Carburetor County
  60. World Map: Tailfin Pass
  61. World Map: Fireball Beach
  62. World Map: Autovia
  63. World Map: Tokyo
  64. World Map: London
  65. World Map: Thunder Hollow
  66. World Map: Porto Corsa
  67. World Map: Oil Rig

Cars Team Grand Prix (mobile game)

Pixar Heroes - Match 3 RPG Game

Planes & Cars At the Party

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Cars & Planes series (Playable characters)

Cars & Planes series (Guests)

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