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2010 Piston Cup Racers Bio

  • 1 Jimmy Cables
  • 2 Rusty Cornfuel
  • 3 Lane Locke
  • 4 Chip Gearings
  • 5 Robert Rocks
  • 6 Speedy Comet
  • 7 Number 28 Nitroade racer, Aiken Axler, captured the 2003 Vitoline Rookie of


When the Intersection.com online dating site first became a Piston Cup sponsor, they wanted a car living up to it's image. Jimmy Cables was not just the #1 pick, but the #00 pick! He has tons of experience with dating girls on Intersection, nearly got married twice, and only dated 5 fat basement hobos with deceiving profile pics! It's not the best image to have on the track, but he still does great, constantly right in the shadows of Lightning, Cal, Bobby, and Brick. After being "Flip Dover" for another Intersection user who happened to be a next-gen, he didn't really mind, and just k…

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All crew chief's do not have the logo height

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Here We Will Discuss About Pitties Names

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