Jimmy Cables


When the online dating site first became a Piston Cup sponsor, they wanted a car living up to it's image. Jimmy Cables was not just the #1 pick, but the #00 pick! He has tons of experience with dating girls on Intersection, nearly got married twice, and only dated 5 fat basement hobos with deceiving profile pics! It's not the best image to have on the track, but he still does great, constantly right in the shadows of Lightning, Cal, Bobby, and Brick. After being "Flip Dover" for another Intersection user who happened to be a next-gen, he didn't really mind, and just kept doing his own Intersection happily ever after.

Rusty Cornfuel

Tow Cap racer 2010
Rusty Cornfuel grew up on a farm in Mississippi and gained his reputation among the locals for running his own racing circuit with his buddies. Rusty won most of the races and made enough money off the event to nearly sponsor himself professionally. Luckily his current sponsor, Tow Cap Hitch Protectors, came along to front the bill for his team. Now Rusty can spend his own money on more important things, like flying his buddies from the farmdown for every race.

Lane Locke


He's known as the "Mystery Car" because the announcer saying his name in a race is less likely to happen than a fatal crash. It's also known that fans sometimes think he's invisible because they never see them, even though the other racers see him crystal clear, and may even be talking with him. No one but the other racers and his crew and hauler even know what his voice sounds like, and they won't now that Donald Mingo has taken his place. He joined the Alliance and does all kinds of great work right behind Dud's windshield. Lane also asks that his name be pronounced "Lane La-Kay" and be said with a funny accent.

Chip Gearings


The Combustr online banking website was recently able to become a Piston Cup sponsor, and they got quite a lucky pick for a racer. Even though Chip didn't win often, he was known to be an extremely popular car with fans, beating Lightning several times in popularity polls. That was only until he was fired for a car whose birth certificate read "Adolf Bumpler", just because he didn't win "that often". Chip joined the Alliance and is assigned by Dud and Parker to help get others in with them, as Bumpler frequently gets mobbed just for his name and a tattoo on his hip, which Chip's fans don't want replacing him. They believe his help can result in an uprising and he may as well be the one who saves them all.

Robert Rocks


(He should be #15)

After Ruby Oaks retired, they painted up Robert Rocks into Easy Idle livery, but the painter accidentally put the 1 before the 5, so now he's #15, and he didn't even notice until after he took to the track! He hates that this happened, as he could've been the next Fabulous Hudson Hornet, and then when he was fired, Harvey Rodcap could've been. He did not join the Stock Car Alliance, as all he wants is for Harvey to do well. They've recently been getting along now that they've made a mortal enemy: Cruz Ramirez, who took #51.

Speedy Comet


(He should be #21)

Speedy calls himself the "Confusion Car" because as long as he's been racing, his name has been getting mistaken! Once, his name was shouted out right as Jimmy Cables crossed the finish line in 1st, but Speedy was in 27th. He also sometimes thinks his name is used instead of the "Mystery Car" Lane Locke. Trying to clear it up, Blinkr put out the tail of his Comet immediately after Jackson Storm first set tire on the track for Ryan Laney. He was welcomed into the Alliance, where happily for him, they never mistaken his name! Although "Speedy Comet" is his legal name, he sometimes thinks it's an alias and makes puns in it, you saw one in this passage, right?

Number 28 Nitroade racer, Aiken Axler, captured the 2003 Vitoline Rookie of

 the Year honors in his first full season of Cup competition. He's finished 12th, 7th, and 8th in the final point standings over the past three years. Off the track, Axler enjoys maintaining his top racing form by exercising daily and practicing a form of meditation called Tai Rod. He and fellow Piston Cup Racer, Darrel Draggered, formed the alternative country jazz trio "Three Cycle" and performed at the 2004 Piston Cup awards ceremony!

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