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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 24
  • My occupation is Wikian
  • I am a male
  • ILoveSadie2016

    Next-Gen SynerG #5                        Kirk Revvings

    Transberry Juice Stock Car #6         Gerald Blamer

    Next-Gen Combustr #11                   Kaiser DeBrakes

    Easy Idle Stock Car #15                   Robert Rocks

    Next-Gen View Zeen #39                 Adam McCanada

    Next-Gen Leak Less #52                  Chip Circuts

    Carbon Cyber Stock Car #67           Eric Ismond

    Next-Gen Carbon Cyber #67           Kenneth Crossbar

    Next-Gen Gasprin #70                     Cassius Phantom

    Rev-N-Go Stock Car #73                 Ricky Axel

    Next-Gen Rev-N-Go #73                 Wilbur Gearshift

    Vinyl Toupee Stock Car #76            Tyler Loudrev

    Next-Gen Vinyl Toupee #76            Zip Joltline

    Next-Gen Gask-Its #80                   James Wisconsin

    Next-Gen Shiny W…

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  • ILoveSadie2016

    Make all the Piston Cup teams Categories please. Like Leak Less, Vitoline, Octane Gain, Nitroade, Bumper Save, even HtB, and more. You know what I mean. We only have Dinoco, Rust-eze, and Shiny Wax. Let's make categories of all the Piston Cup teams. By the way, I have no idea how to make one, so I will really need your help.

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  • ILoveSadie2016

    Why are we focusing on the Cars teaser trailer? We need to focus on Cars 3 stuff. Plus the teaser trailer is boring.

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  • ILoveSadie2016

    Next-Gen racers bios

    November 22, 2017 by ILoveSadie2016
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  • ILoveSadie2016

    Hi. My name is Cruz Ramirez. I race for Dinoco and lightning McQueen is my crew chief. I am number 51 for Doc Hudson. I started off as a trainer at thr Rust-eze Racing Center. Then me and McQueen drove to Thuder Hollow, and I had my very first win there. Then the Floirda 500 arrived. McQueen started well then Sterling told me i was just a trainer. When McQueen headed in the pits, the crew got me all ready. Then Jackson Storm pushed me against the barrier. I flipped over him, just like Doc did, and won the race. I then met Tex Dinoco and I signed a contract woth Dinoco and became the new racer!

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