Lada Riva

aka Ванёк

  • I live in Moscow, Russia
  • I was born on November 2
  • My occupation is TOP SECRET
  • I am male
  • Lada Riva

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    Image Name Occupation Model/Prototype First appearance Notes
    Aaron Clocker Piston Cup racer 2017 Next-Gen Race Car SA-3 Cars 3 Team Revolting
    Adam Parke WGP race pitty 2009 Servi-Kraft Cars 2 Team Carla Veloso
    Admiral Kittyhawk US Navy aircraft carrier USS Essex Moon Mater

    Albert Hinkey Lightning McQueen's fan 1985 Boxomatic Travel'Bout 4XL Cars

    Alberto Francesco Bernoulli's fan 2007 Fiat New 500 Cars 2

    Alejandro Mariachi 2003 Nemomatic Forklift Planes

    Alex Mater's customer 1985 Emerycraft Lima

    Cars 2: The Official Magazine

    Alex Carvill WGP security police car Fiat Panda II Cars 2

    Alex Machino WGP racing pitty 2009 Servi Kraft Cars 2 Team Francesco Bernoulli
    Alex Vandel Tokyo airport passenger 2006 Opel Zafira B Cars 2

    Alexander Hugo Yugo …

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  • Lada Riva

    I will translate it later.

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  • Lada Riva

    List of typical cars

    October 5, 2018 by Lada Riva

    It's a list of cars that are typical and look like others. I made it because I creating the List of unnamed characters and I can to confuse them with unnamed.

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  • Lada Riva


    August 8, 2018 by Lada Riva

    Here I will post some papercraft models made by me. If you want to see some another papercraft models, write here in comments.

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  • Lada Riva

    Some fan art about Soviet mark Avtoexport competing in Piston Cup.

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