It’s been over 3 years since I first joined this wiki. I am what is called a person from “other country” because English is just my second language. I simply cannot express how tough it was when I initially came here and wanted to understand others’ words and make myself understood. The main reason is that I am not in an English environment, which means that I never speak English in my daily life. Despite the fact that I am really a slow learner, I never give up being an excellent English learner.

One who impressed me most is Lightening McQueen, an administrator on world of cars wiki. At that time, I was really weak in English, as a result of which no one wanna communicate with me except him. He is the only person who answered all my questions, which encouraged me to stay on this wiki.

Three years past. I make some progress in English and know more about what is called colloquial words or slang. You gotta know that there are two types of English: British English and American English. Taking my personal need (going to the US for further study )into account, I choose to learn American English. However ,what makes me embarrassed is that I think what I’ve been learning all the time is American English, but when in face of American people, I feel that their sentences are very strange because they usually don’t obey the grammar that my teacher taught me. To my surprise, it’s easy for me to understand Cal Weather’s words (which turns out to be British English) but I have difficulty understanding Jackson Storm’s words (which is totally American English).In other words, Cal obeys the same grammar with me but Jackson does not. I’ve learned American English for so long but I still feel difficult!

I went to watch Wonder Woman in the cinema and realized that what they mostly speak is British English and I could understand most of their words except some terms such as names of chemicals. There are many differences between British English and American English. The biggest difference in pronunciation, in my opinion, is that the letter “r”(its phonetic symbol is /ɚ/) in “color” is pronounced much differently by British and American. In spelling, British people call it colour while American people call it color. Besides, subway is American English and underground is British English. Blah blah blah…

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