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  • WeirdDave13

    Why Am I So Unloved?

    August 9, 2018 by WeirdDave13

    So, hey chaps. It's your old pal Vince again. You know, it's been sad on the wiki these days. I mean, my friends just disappeared! After I disappeared. And did they worry or wonder about me? No! I even checked all their talk pages! Nothing! Does anybody talk to me at all either? No! Of course not! Everyone's watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Vroomin', or playing Candy Crush on their devices while they sit in their garage. It doesn't even seem like they care about this place! Look at Recent Wiki Activity right now, and tell me when the last edit was. Unless it was me, it was probably 2 hours ago! Name one person on here regularly. And don't say the guys at the top of the Wiki Point List. Do you even think they're lives have anything else…

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  • WeirdDave13

    New Beginnings

    August 7, 2018 by WeirdDave13

    Because we totally needed another entry in this sad ranting and story telling series. Why do I need to try again? I think I've been hanging out with Barry too much again. And, where did my friends go? I'm just a lone wolf in the depths of this wiki. The car that justs parks on the side of the highway and sits there all night. I've been kicked to the curb. And what did I do? Just get sucked into some other stuff that's more important than a wiki? I think I deserve a second chance! There are things more important in life than wikis, okay. Remember, you heard that pearl of wisdom from Vince first. Not Sonny, which is obvious since if you can't even run a successful talk show or lie properly, what chance do you have of teaching someone an impo…

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  • WeirdDave13

    The Vince Squad

    December 5, 2017 by WeirdDave13

    I started the Vince Squad!

    Made of the following members...

    And more, soon.


    Breaking News: Vince Squad disbanded due to cars being forced to join the gang. The "gang" leader is now in the impound lot.

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  • WeirdDave13

    Welcome Back!

    June 25, 2017 by WeirdDave13

    Sonny, you screw up. You suck at talk shows. There is supposed to be comedy also you imbicile. Plus, that community service was a lie. Everybody knows I was in the hospital after driving off a cliff in the Blind Eye 500. Next time, I am so getting Lenny in for me.

    Anyway, I got nothing.

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  • WeirdDave13

    Hi guys! Vince can not write because he is currently doing community service for ranting about wagons and their brains in front of the Wagon's Club. He gave me a list of requirements and said to show you.

    1. Do number 2.

    2. Entertain the peoples

    3. Do number 2.

    So there you go! We will start with the Evenings Talk Show wth Sonny!

    Newscaster: Welcome everyone! Tonight we will meet our new talk show host, Sonny Drainpipe!

    Sonny: Welcome! I'd like to introduce our batch of guests!

    First, from Tokyo, Japan, we have Komodo!

    Second, from Moscow, Russia, we have Pyotr Racinov!

    Last and certainly least, we have from Queens, New York, Barry Piper!

    So, tell me Komodo. What's it like to race in the streets of Tokyo?

    Komodo: ...

    S: Um, Komodo?

    K: ...

    S: Okay... Let…

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