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V12 TV is a video that Pixar made to advertise for Cars 2.



Cars 2 V12 TV

In the beginning, it shows a message, "Any similarity between the following and ACTUAL TV programming is purely coincidental. Sort of Mostly".

Then they show a scene from the movie where Finn McMissile was at the oil rigs, fighting the lemons. In the end, Professor Z yelled out: "Kill him!". Then it said "To be continued...". After that, they showed some commercials:

There is a commercial saying the viewers are watching "Law & Auto: SUV" during the credits of that show. First, there is "Dancing with the Cars". They show some scenes in Cars 2 when cars are dancing, and Finn is one of the judges. Later, it's "I didn't Know I Was Leaking". It shows the scene when Miles Axlerod blames Mater for his oil leaking, and Mater going to the bathroom. Then it's "Dr. Fill It Up". Today, they are talking about Bumps in the Road. They show the scene where Uncle Topolino is telling Lightning some advice about arguments. Next is "American Idle". It shows the lemons at the meeting, and all that is heard are engines rumbling quietly.

After all those commercials, they admit that V12 TV is made up, "but Cars 2 is definitely, really, coming only to theatres". The commercial ends with Mater driving backwards passing Guido, Luigi, Red, Lizzie, Sally, Fillmore, Sarge, Flo, Ramone and Sheriff.



  • The video contains a lot of parodies of shows and people. However, the proper names and programmes might also exist in the Cars world as V12 TV was actually made up.
    • "Dancing with the Cars" is a parody of Dancing with the Stars.
    • "Dr. Fill it Up" is a parody of Dr. Phil.
    • "American Idle" is a parody of American Idol.
    • "I Didn't Know I Was Leaking" is a parody of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.
    • "Speed Martin" is a parody of Steve Martin.
    • "Morgan Freeway" is a parody of Morgan Freeman.
    • "Law & Auto: SUV" is a parody of Law and Order: SVU.


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