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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
|image = Victor Ramirez.png
|image = Victor Ramirez.jpeg
|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|color = Blue, Dark Blue
|color = Blue, Dark Blue

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Character Information


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Racer, Racing-fan

"Very suspicious guy... I don't trust any of his words."
Victor Ramirez

Pablo Ramirez is one of a Cruz Ramirez's cousins along with Victor Ramirez. His personality is bewaring, mistrusful and headstrong. He is a car who wants to be a racer, but in the meantime he is very careful and mistrustful with his decisions.


Victor Ramirez is one of a Cruz Ramirez's cousins along with Pablo Ramirez. His first race was organized by a pickup-truck named Martin Bearing, which was very simmilar to Crazy Eight race on a Thunder Hollow Speedway. He left the race because it looked very suspicious for him, but he still was on the race, but only as a fan.


Cars 3 "Don't Look Back!" Comic.


  • "Very suspicious guy... I don't trust any of his words.!" - Victor when he meets Martin Bearing.
  • "Good choice." - after seeing Cruz leaving the race and standing next to Victor as a fan.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Виктор Рамирес Victor Ramires
English Victor Ramirez Victor Ramirez
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