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"Very suspicious guy... I don't trust any of his words."
—Victor Ramirez, Don't Look Back!

Victor Ramirez is one of Cruz Ramirez's cousins along with Pablo Ramirez. His personality is bewaring, mistrustful and headstrong. He is a car who wants to be a racer, but in the meantime, he is very careful and mistrustful with his decisions.


In Don't Look Back!, Victor Ramirez is one of Cruz Ramirez's cousins along with Pablo Ramirez. His first race was organized by a pickup-truck named Martin Bearing, which was very similar to a Crazy Eight race on the Thunder Hollow Speedway. He left the race because it looked very suspicious for him, but he still was in the race, but only as a fan.


  • "Good choice." - after seeing Cruz leaving the race and standing next to Victor as a fan.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Виктор Рамирес Victor Ramires
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