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Kevin, Crusty and Ponchy Crash.png
Kevin, Crusty and Ponchy Crash.png
IMG 20180104 220900.JPG
IMG 20180104 220900.JPG
VinylToupeeHauler.png|Crusty's hauler
VinylToupeeHauler.png|Crusty's hauler/Trevor Gearsworth
VT Hauler CF.jpg
VT Hauler CF.jpg
Vinyl Touppe 76.JPG
Vinyl Touppe 76.JPG

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Vinyl Toupee
Object Information

Vinyl sprays


To create false toupees

First appearance

Cars (logo only)

Latest appearance

Cars 3 (logo only)

Vinyl Toupee is a mark of vinyl spray cans that cars can use to have a nice vinyl toupee on the roof. Crusty Rotor is the bearer of this sponsor and also a client of it, as he uses it even for racing. It also sponsored Rev Roadages, and was founded in 1986.



In Cars, Crusty competes for the team in the Piston Cup race at the Motor Speedway of the South.

Cars 3

Between Cars and Cars 3, Crusty has retired, and was replaced by Rev Roadages, who would become a veteran in Cars 3. Rev competes in the 2016 Piston Cup season against the likes of Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm and many others. However, Jackson Storm's performance sparks the interest of next-generation racers, as many Piston Cup teams begin replacing their veteran racers with next-generation rookies. After the Los Angeles 500, Rev either retires or gets fired, and is replaced by the next-generation Vinyl Toupee racer.


<gallery> Vinyl toupee logo.jpg|Old logo VT2.png|New logo Gasprin3.png Crusty Rotor.png CrustyRotor.jpg|Crusty Rotor CrustyRotorCars11.jpg Kevin, Crusty and Ponchy Crash.png IMG 20180104 220900.JPG VinylToupeeHauler.png|Crusty's hauler/Trevor Gearsworth VT Hauler CF.jpg Vinyl Touppe 76.JPG Next-Gen Vinyl Touppe.jpeg Vinyl.jpg TLMovie.jpg Ken Carson.jpg VinylToupeeRacer-0.JPG VinylToupeeRacer.JPG|Rev Roadages TylerLoudrev.jpg Rev Roadages Artwork.png|Rev's artwork

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