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Vitaly Petrov
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Red, blue, white, yellow

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Vyborg, Russia


Vyborg Rocket

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Cars 2


Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov (Russian: Виталий Петров) is an additional character in the Russian version of Cars 2, but also made a cameo appearance in other versions of the film. He is a race car that Lightning McQueen meets at the World Grand Prix welcome party.

In all versions of Cars 2, Vitaly appears on a postcard. He also has a bigger role in the Russian version of Cars 2, in place of Jeff Gorvette at the Tokyo welcome party, but not in any other parts of the movie. Vitaly and Lewis Hamilton greet Lightning, but later notice Mater when he mistakes the Zen Master for a raker. In Mater's nightmare showing the same scene, Vitaly is shown chuckling at Mater.

General information

Physical description

Vitaly is a AMG-Mercedes DTM C-Class that is painted red near his front, blue near his middle, and white on his rear and spoiler. He has a Russian flag design on his doors, as well as his hood.

Powers and abilities

Vitaly is a professional race car that was invited to the World Grand Prix due to his great skill.

Profiles and statistics

Cars 2

  • Bios
    • Vitaly Petrov - A racer from Russia, he takes part to international competitions in Cars, along with participants from the U.S., Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, France and Brazil.
    • Vitaly Petrov is the first and only Russian race car ever to compete in the Formula World Championship. He didn't start off as a Formula racer though. In fact, there was very little motorsport in Vitaly's hometown of Vyborg, Russia, so he got most of his race training in rally sprints and ice races. After winning the Russian Rally Sprint title, he won every race in the Russian Lada Cup. Vitaly was soon on his way to the top with multiple Formula wins. With all his speed and success, it's no wonder Vitaly became known as the Vyborg Rocket.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Vitaly Petrov Vitaly Petrov


  • He is based on, named after and voiced by Russian former Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov. His paint job is designed after the Russian flag. It includes a car-ified version of the coat of arms of Russia, that replaces the two-headed eagle with a composition of wrenches, tailfins, nuts and cogs.
  • Lightning friendly calls him "Веталь" (Vetal'), which is a simplified variant of his name.
  • It's an inverted Russian flag on his paint job.
  • In Russian version of the film, he is not competing in Tokyo race, but John Lassetire named Jeff Gorvette 'Vetal'.
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