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"You're Mater!"
"How'd you know my name?"
Wally and Tow Mater, Walmart Commercial

Wally is a semi truck who works as a delivery hauler for Walmart. Though he does not appear in any mainline Cars installments, he appears in an advertisement and in certain promotional material found at Walmart stores.


Wally's only appearance is in a television advertisement for the Cars "Geared Up" blu-ray combo pack, which was available exclusively in Walmart stores. At the beginning of the commercial, Wally excitedly recognizes Mater while driving behind him on Main Street. Mater wonders how Wally knows him, asking if he knows him from a monster truck rally, a hubcap swap meet, or the math club. Throughout the exchange, the two drive by posters of the Cars film, which prominently feature Mater's image and name.

Wally is an Aeroliner Semi Hauler truck. He has a white livery with blue and red stripes on the back of his cab and a blue stripe on his trailer. He wears the Walmart logo on his roof, stylised to look like a cap, as well as one the side of his trailer. He has blue eyes and his license plate registration number is simply "WALLY".


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Валли Valli
Polish Wally
Brazilian Portuguese Walmart


  • While promotional images of Wally portray him with the Walmart logo used before 2008, his die-cast model portrays him with the modern logo. This is likely because Wally's appearances in promotional material are from 2006 and 2007, while his die-cast was not released until 2009.
  • Wally's name comes from the "Wal" part of Walmart. Both his and Marty's name is a play-on the name Walmart itself.
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