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Wheel Sets are collectibles found in Cars: Mater-National Championship. They are round wheels that come in various different designs and colors, and can be found scattered throughout the game's hub worlds. Collecting all four of a certain type will unlock that design in Luigi's Casa Della Tires, and it can then be applied to Lightning.

There are eight total Wheel Sets in the game, with six being found in Ornament Valley and the other two being located in Tailfin Pass. Upon starting the game, one wheel is obtained by default, as the silver set only has three that can be found and collected.


Set Area Locations
Wheel icon a.png
Ornament Valley In front of the entrance to the Rustbucket Tunnels, near the Rustbucket Stadium
Inside of the Ornament Valley Gas Station
Behind the set of bleachers closest to the Ornament Valley Trailer Park
In the pit behind the Ornament Valley Trailer Park
Wheel icon b.png
Ornament Valley In front of the "Road closed" signs near the exit of the turkey
In the Ornament Valley Trailer Park, in between two trailers
In the air next to the airport buildings (can be reached by using one of the silver ramps)
Next to the lighthouse tower
Wheel icon b1.png
Ornament Valley In between the Luigi's Casa Della Tires and Ramone's House of Body Art buildings
Underneath the railroad tracks near the entrance to the turkey
Behind a stack of crates in the surplus area
Behind the set of rocks on the path closest to the entrance of Ornament Valley
Wheel icon c.png
Ornament Valley Behind the Rustbucket Stadium
On the road leading up to the exit of the turkey
In the sand dunes behind the Ornament Valley RV Park
In the sand dunes at the far end of Ornament Valley
Wheel icon c1.png
Ornament Valley In front of the "Road closed" signs at the end of Ornament Valley
Behind the biplane statue at the entrance to the airport
In the sand dunes at the far end of Ornament Valley
In the sand dunes at the far end of Ornament Valley
Wheel icon d.png
Tailfin Pass In the cave, under the large jump
Inside of the Wheel Well Motel
On the low path close to the bridge leading to Radiator Springs
In the cave, on the path leading up to the large jump
Wheel icon d1.png
Tailfin Pass On the upper path directly next to the bridge, nearby where the third wheel of the sixth set is
At the end of the green and grey bridge
Further down the road past the green and grey bridge
In the cave, at the end of the upper road that can be reached from the large jump
Wheel icon e.png
Ornament Valley Already obtained upon starting the game
At the exit of the Rustbucket Tunnels
Behind the airport building
At the very end of the runway
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