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Wheel Well Motel
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Cars: The Video Game
Cars: Mater-National Championship
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The Wheel Well Motel is a popular tourist attraction in Tailfin Pass. While it used to be a motel, it was eventually turned into a restaurant.




The run-down motel is inhabited by Vroomaroundus Bugus.

In Cars, when Sally takes Lightning for a drive through Tailfin Pass, they end up at the Wheel Well Motel, a run-down building. Sally explains that it was a popular tourist attraction in previous years, but, like the rest of the town, was abandoned when Radiator Springs was removed from maps, upon construction of the Interstate. However, the publicity the town received due to Lightning McQueen's disappearance helped to return attention to the motel, and it was eventually restored and became the center attraction of Tailfin Pass.

Cars: The Video Game

The Wheel Well Motel returns in Cars: The Video Game, in which it is one of the locations found in Tailfin Pass. The events Tailfin Pass Circuit and Tailfin Pass GP can be found here, as well as a Postcard in the inside of the Motel.

Cars: Mater-National Championship

In Cars: Mater-National Championship, the Wheel Well Motel returns, almost identical to its appearance in Cars: The Video Game. The event target for Wheel Well Circuit can be found here, as well as a collectible wheel, in the place of the Postcard from the previous game.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

In Cars: Race-O-Rama, the Wheel Well Motel has the same role as in Cars: The Video Game and Cars: Mater-National Championship, as a location found in Tailfin Pass.

The World of Cars Online

The Wheel Well Motel was intended to make an appearance in The World of Cars Online, but never did due to the game's closure in 2012.

Cars 2


Luigi, Sarge, Fillmore, and Guido inside of the Motel.

After a long day of playing with Mater, Lightning tells him that he would like to enjoy a night with Sally at the Wheel Well Motel, which had recently been turned into a restaurant. Feeling left out, Mater pretends to be a waiter, and when Lightning and Sally simply order their "usuals", Mater nervously asks Guido, who rejects his question in Italian, though Mater believes that what he had spoken was the drink they desired. Sarge tells Mater to be quiet, so he could hear the Mel Dorado Show, which is featuring Miles Axlerod, an oil baron who is holding a three-race event called the World Grand Prix. When one of the competitors, Francesco Bernoulli, is interviewed, he begins to trash-talk McQueen, leading Mater to call in to the show to say otherwise. Mater's antics eventually get Lightning a spot in the World Grand Prix.



  • The wheel form of the motel complements the old car shape of the hill where it's built.
  • This motel's location is inspired by the Chief Yellowhorse's location in New Mexico.
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