White Knuckle Ride
Song Information
Recorded by

Lynryd Skynryd

Written by

Estes, Rossington, Van Zandt



Used in

Cars: The Video Game

Cars video game - White Knuckle Ride

Cars video game - White Knuckle Ride

The song

White Knuckle Ride is a song put in Cars: The Video Game. It is performed by Lynryd Skynryd. It plays during road races and Piston Cup Races.


When I was a kid I loved hanging out
Down at the old dirt track.
It was my dream to be out there,
Leader of the pack.
I'd have to wait all week for Sunday,
But it never comes too fast.
When they hit that track, they ain't lookin' back,
They're gonna give no prize to last.

It's a white knuckle ride; there's only one thing on your mind(s).
It's being first to cross that finish line.
It's a white knuckle ride; I love leaving y'all behind.
If I don't run out of gas, and my tires last, I'm gonna take that checkered flag.

Well I love my job like I love my car
When I hear that engine roar.
Strap me in, let the race begin
Put the pedal to the floor.
Now I got me a big time sponsor
And the best crew workin' for me.
But I ain't any different than the way I used to be.

(INSTRUMENTAL 8 measures)

You might crash and burn if you take that turn
A little bit too fast.
But that's a chance you take if you're gonna rage
You can't let up off the gas!


"Come on, boys."

White knuckle ride! (repeat 4x)

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