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Wings Around the Globe, or the WATG Rally, is a air racing competition that uses competitors from all around the world. It is broadcast on the Racing Sports Network, with Brent Mustangburger as the host and announcer. The competing planes fly around the world for around 80 hours, over three continents, two oceans and dozens of countries, but only six stops.


Qualifications in Lincoln


  • Stany ZjednoczoneLincoln, U.S.A. (qualification rally)
  • Stany Zjednoczone - IslandiaNew York, U.S.A. to Iceland - Distance: 2,609 miles
  • Islandia - Flag of Germany svgIceland to Germany - Distance: 1,477 miles
  • Flag of Germany svg - IndieGermany to India - Distance: 4,077 miles
  • Indie - 125px-Flag of Nepal svgIndia to Nepal - Distance: 673 miles
  • 125px-Flag of Nepal svg - ChinyNepal to Shanghai, China - Distance: 2,075 miles
  • Chiny - MeksykShanghai, China to Mexico City, Mexico - Distance: 8,016 miles
  • Meksyk - Stany Zjednoczone Mexico City, Mexico to New York, U.S.A. (end) - Distance: 2,307 miles


  • The concept of the Wings Around the Globe appears to be recycled from the World Grand Prix.


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