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*'''Gray Catbird''' [''[[User_talk:Gray Catbird|talk]]'']
*'''Gray Catbird''' [''[[User_talk:Gray Catbird|talk]]'']
*'''RobertATfm''' [''[[User_talk:RobertATfm|talk]]'']
*'''RobertATfm''' [''[[User_talk:RobertATfm|talk]]''] ("re-founder" as of October 17, 2012)
*'''RodRedlineM1''' [''[[User_talk:RodRedlineM1|talk]]'']
*'''RodRedlineM1''' [''[[User_talk:RodRedlineM1|talk]]'']

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These are the people on this wiki who have administrator status. If you need help with a matter that concerns the entire wiki (e.g. you've spotted some spam, vandalism, non-canonical pages, etc.), contact one or more of these people via their talk pages.

Present Admins

Those in bold are also bureaucrats, though a bureaucrat has very few additional powers over and above an admin.

  • Gray Catbird [talk]
  • RobertATfm [talk] ("re-founder" as of October 17, 2012)
  • RodRedlineM1 [talk]

Inactive Admins

These people have "admin" status but haven't been seen here recently. It may not be worth contacting them on any issue which needs to be resolved urgently.

  • Madbomberfan [talk] (founder)
    • Update, 11:33, November 5, 2012 (UTC): this user abused his admin status to block RodRedlineM1, because the latter deleted pages in accordance with our current editing policy (which is clearly visible on the home page), instead of discussing the matter in a civilised fashion as he should have done; he has thus been stripped of his admin rights, and blocked for a month.

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