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Bureaucrats are administrators who possess additional user-management rights. They are the highest local user group, outranked only by global Fandom staff. While they generally function the same as normal administrators, they are often considered to be the most experienced wiki users, and so their input is nearly always the most highly regarded when it comes to deciding sitewide policies.


All of the wiki's bureaucrats are also administrators, but not all administrators are bureaucrats. The only additional technical ability provided by the bureaucrat role is the power to promote and demote all users of lower ranks, and as such, they are the ones who decide which users may join the wiki's staff. They can promote another bureaucrat, but they cannot remove the role from anyone other than themselves, meaning the decision is not to be made lightly.

In terms of political responsibilities, bureaucrats retain the same duties as administrators there as well, with the added task of stepping in if an administrator is abusing their power in any way. While situations like this are rare, bureaucrats are expected to exercise their authority whenever it is needed.

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  • As all bureaucrats are administrators, the information on this page applies to them as well.
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