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On any wiki, it is important to distinguish what subjects are considered notable and thus worthy of having their own article. On Wikipedia, this is what prevents people from making articles for all seven billion people on Earth. For wikis centered around fictional universes, a similar principle must also apply – otherwise, we would be creating pages for every road, every background car, or every tumbleweed at Willy's Butte.

Our notability requirements are relatively straightforward, but differ slightly for each type of subject.


Minor characters

Characters must be named by an official source in order to have their own article. Outside of the Cars stories themselves, reference material and merchandise lines are known to give names and background information for some of the more minor characters. Sometimes, the name given is not necessarily a formal one. For instance, characters like the Trunk Fresh Crew Chief and the Shiny Wax Hauler have not been given traditional names, but they have biographical descriptions or prescence in toy lines that could be detailed in an article.

There are rare circumstances where characters with conjectural names may have an article, such as if a character is playable in a video game (such as the Trophy Girl).

Generic subjects

Many elements of the Cars world mirror that of our own; they use fuel cans, live in buildings, and send postcards. Items and ideas should only be covered if they differ significantly from ours. Some things like Postcards or Mater's Lamp are notable because they are collectible items and central to a game objective, or an important elements in their respective story's plot.

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