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Rollbackers are the lowest rank of local wiki staff, under administrators and bureaucrats. While the role does not grant many additional user rights, rollbackers are entrusted with a one-click "reverting" tool that allows them to instantly undo the most recent revision on an article. As part of the wiki staff, they have the authority to settle edit wars and leave reminders and warnings to other users.


While all users have the ability to undo an article's most recent revision, rollbackers are able to do it faster. For rollbackers, a [rollback] link appears next to all edits in the Recent Changes, user contribution logs, and page histories. When the link is clicked, the article will instantly revert to its previous revision, without offering any additional confirmation windows or checks. The tool is useful for quickly reverting any unnecessary edits. When the function is used, the edit summary will read (Reverted edits by X (talk) to last version by Y).

Rollbackers are promoted based on having a history of combatting vandalism and generally being an experienced editor. In addition to the rollback function itself, rollbackers also have a degree of authority, meaning it is important that they are trustworthy and responsible.

The rollback group rights are included in the administrator user group by default, meaning all administrators and bureaucrats can use the rollback tool as well.

List of rollbacks

None at the moment.

See also

  • Rollbackers share many of the political responsibilities listed here.
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