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Signatures are used on talk pages to sign your comments. All users to required to sign their comments for the purpose of identification. In situations where you are offering discussion (which will be almost all the time) it is important to keep track of whose opinion is whose. Otherwise comments may be misattributed to others or simply be overlooked.

Any comments left unsigned should be corrected with the following text:


This will produce:

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Default (talkcontribs)

A timestamp can also be added via a third parameter, like so:

{{unsigned|<username>|12:01, 01 January 2010 (UTC)}}

—Preceding unsigned comment added by Default (talkcontribs) 12:01, 01 January 2010 (UTC)

How they work

  • Your signature can be entered onto a talk page by typing ~~~~ or ~~~ after a comment. The former will sign your name and the timestamp at which it was created, while the latter will only transclude your username. It is also possible to enter ~~~~~ to leave only the timestamp.
  • You can customize your signature in your preferences, under the "User profile" tab. If the "Treat signature as wikitext" box is not checked, the text you type will only change the way your username is displayed. However, if you do check the wikitext box, standard MediaWiki syntax may be used to build your signature, and any aspect of it can be changed.
  • Since Fandom's upgrade to UCP, the signature you type in your preferences is the one used across all Fandom wikis. Fortunately, there is a way to create a unique signature for an individual wiki, which is detailed below!

Creating a custom signature

To personalize your signature specifically for this site, follow these steps:

  • Go to this page at Community Central and create it. Copy and paste whatever text you had in your Preferences and save it.
  • Next, create a subpage to your user profile at Special:MyPage/sig (it must be under this title) here at the World of Cars Wiki, and create the signature you would like to use.
  • Finally, enter the following text into the text field at Special:Preferences:


There are some rules for how a custom signature must be constructed.

  • Your signature must include your exact username, not a nickname or other alternative. This is for ease of identification.
  • You must include a link to your talk page or message wall. ([[User talk:<your name>]] links to either one.)
  • Your signature must be no wider than 40 characters, and can only take up one line.
  • Your signature must be no taller than 25 pixels.
  • A maximum of two small images may be included, but they must be no taller than 20px and not extend past the 40-character limit. This is so they do not interrupt any text formating.
  • You are free to create backgrounds behind your text, so long as the text is easily readable.
  • Signatures must be static. Do not include any kind of flickering or animation that may distract the eye.
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